Choose wisely

Renault - Brand … TURKISH

Those who choose a domestic car

not because of its cheapness, but by conviction, they may not read the article: suddenly the principles will be shaken. Those whom the restless mind (supported by incomes) provokes to look a little further than "one hundred and third" are familiar with the next "Varangian" from relatively inexpensive ones. So, the Turkish "Renault 19".


Again the product of the second freshness from the "third" country? Yes, again, why wait for the money? A delicious fresh bite, you know, bites. "Nineteenth, " as a matter of fact, is also not an ordinary one. It was born, however, not yesterday - he debuted in 1988. The “Frenchman” was quite successfully sold in Europe, he fell in love even with the Germans so patriotic, in terms of automobiles. But the years took their toll, and the "Renault 19" moved to Turkey, where it is produced to this day. Moving to Asia was good for the Europeans; why - more on that later.


An authorized dealer will offer a sedan in the basic configuration (audio preparation only) with a 1.4 liter carburetor engine at a price of 7500 y. e. The separation from the VAZ cars is now large, and the Uzbek “Nexia” presented in the last issue of the Soviet Union is noticeably cheaper. If you want a more serious option, place an order and wait - a 1.6-liter engine, air conditioning, power steering, central locking, “music” and some other pleasures of life in the same body (a hatchback is not supplied to Russia). True, the price will be more serious - about $ 10, 000.

After buying a Renault 19, as well as other inexpensive foreign cars, the price drops quite quickly. Negative impact on the secondary price, for sure, have a rather expensive spare parts.



The capabilities of a modest “experienced” motor in a megalopolis are quite sufficient, unless, of course, you imagine too much about yourself. The engine is not particularly frisky, but confidently pulls from low revs. For those who have become accustomed to power steering, the steering wheel may seem heavy when maneuvering. There is probably such a sinner, but the car quickly and clearly obeys the movement of the steering wheel; with what is called informative steering, everything is also in order, at least in normal modes.

But … by looking at the price table for some body parts or, for example, bumpers, you immediately lose all desire to “pump the law” in the city bustle. A more or less serious “tin” will easily leave the owner, as they say, without pants.

But the stiff, “oak” suspension and solid ground clearance (acquired by the “nineteenth” after moving to Turkey) will come in handy not only in the Asia Minor country road, but also in many of our cities.


On the track "Renault 19" with a 1.4-liter engine - the fighter is not the strongest. Perhaps he will arrange power drivers, but for those wishing to feel like the master of the road it is better to buy (and bring to mind) the sixteen-valve VAZ "ten". Motor capabilities are limited, especially at high speeds and on a loaded machine. He is going to ride, but the margin "under the pedal" is minimal, overtaking should be carefully calculated … Although, I repeat, it all depends on the driver’s temperament and driving style.

Another disadvantage on a long trip is not the most convenient workplace for the driver. Although - with what to compare! Most domestic cars are even further from the ideal in this parameter.


A family trip to your favorite hacienda or just to nature - for such purposes, the "nineteenth" is adapted well. A fairly spacious back seat, roomy, and most importantly, almost square, without "nooks", the trunk allows you to carry both family and luggage. A large ground clearance, a powerful, impenetrable and indestructible “Turkish” suspension (which is rather a pleasant exception for Renault) will allow to storm bad roads. Yes, and a high-torque engine to help them. As for speed and dynamics, we are resting, not in a hurry.


Like any passenger car, Renault is only partially adapted to this role. Moreover, in his family there is no wagon. Among the advantages in this nomination, we note once again the mighty suspension. (The servicemen claim that they do not even keep the springs and torsion bars in the warehouse, so they rarely ask them.) In addition, the rear seat is folded up in the basic version of the sedan.


Watching how it broke. The design of the machine is simple, access to most units in the engine compartment is free, there is no technical tricks - an experienced motorist or a competent, not even “branded” mechanic will master this model. Regular maintenance is not too expensive - by foreign standards, of course, by standards. But the prices for some original components and parts, as well as for the "tin" cause a rash. Although the "Renault" is quite reliable (the Turkish assembly is known for thoroughness), it is still not immune from breakdowns and even more so accidents.

Warranty - one year with no mileage limit.

By the way, about the wonders of technology. If we compare the level of construction of the Renault 19 or the same Nexia with the native nine or ten, it is easy to notice that, being almost the same age, the cars differ little in technical solutions. In some ways, domestic cars will even turn out to be more modern. They lack one thing - quality. They are cheaper because they are worse assembled, and from components of lower quality.

Admittedly, the production culture of Asians (and not of the Japanese) will be higher than ours. Imagine the top ten, assembled at the Uzbek or Turkish level. If this suddenly appears - the sale of "Daewoo" or the same "Renault 19" will fit right away. Only while this situation is from the realm of fantasy.