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Remember the Murovsky ZIS-8 bus from the legendary film “The meeting place cannot be changed”? Recently, his great-grandson was born.


A long time ago the Moscow plant did not present bonnet buses. According to the place of birth and layout, the 15-seater ZIL-32501 is a direct descendant of the honored Ferdinand, the 65-year-old old man ZIS-8.

Will the passenger “Bull-calf” be liked by the heirs of the case of Zheglov and Sharapov? However, peaceful work is also enough. It is possible in an overseas example to fit a compact bus to school. They also say that such cars will become Moscow minibuses. Ride, try, figure it out …

A bright red button with which you can open or close the double door from the outside is accessible to any passerby. "But" inside the emergency door open button, we never found. The bright interior seemed cozy thanks to the fabric upholstery of the seats. The bus is not suitable for standing up, the operating manual forbids the carriage of standing passengers - because of this, obviously, there are no handrails on top. Everyone will like the high ceiling: both children, and especially adults - to the rushing capture group or respectable passengers of the city minibus: moving around the cabin, one does not have to bend into three deaths.

While getting acquainted with the interior, an autonomous heater quickly and confidently “flooded” the spacious interior.

Climbing from the street to the driver's seat or the passenger sitting next to him is not easy - the handrail is not at hand, the step is too sunk. Six adjustments to the driver's seat are enough for anyone, and the length of the pillow is too small, even for short-legged ones. It was not possible to adjust the steering column - someone very strong tightened it.

Started … Oh! The old Ferdinand was quieter! The growl of the Minsk diesel engine clearly reminds of the primary carrier of the unit - the Belarus tractor. Students learn about the approach of the "cheekbones of bass" long before the "Bull-calf" enters the school yard, and the police will not be able to sneak up on the "raspberry" unnoticed. Minibus passengers fifteen to twenty minutes, of course, will suffer an unpleasant noise. Especially those who sit behind - away from the motor. But what will be the driver?

Engine performance is poor, or rather, in no way consistent with the transmission parameters. Hence the “Bull-calf” necessary for the driver and unexpected driving techniques for the diesel engine. Even on an empty bus, it is necessary to start, contrary to the “cargo” tradition and the gear shifting scheme, from the first (learning to stick it is a separate science), untwist the motor and quickly drive the lever from right to left and turn on the second. Neglecting this operation will inevitably burn the clutch.

In order to somehow stay in a city stream, mainly a passenger one, you have to constantly push the gas pedal to the floor and quickly act as a lever. You can’t chase criminals with such dynamics: “Keep up, Kopytin!” - “Well, keep up! “Studer” has a triple motor! ”Add playfulness to the car, and adjustments to the fuel pump and gas pedal, which are mandatory even on a completely new machine, will help the confidence driver.

Driving a bus is not so easy. It's not about excessive effort: steering is uninformative. Yes, even after the turn, you have to hurriedly return the thin, springy steering wheel in the hands to its original position. You can probably get used to too much free play of the brake pedal and to the tricky connection between pedal movement and deceleration. But drivers who are forced to travel all day on busy streets, these features will not please. A clear plus ZIL - the presence of ABS. It will help to cope with an inconvenient brake drive, especially on slippery roads.

Finally, another unpleasant surprise. When you try to close the driver’s window, the usual window (!) Glass shattered. In a car, especially a bus, such glass does not belong! Advice to future users: it is better not to touch the windows. Their fastenings are unreliable - this is confirmed by experienced drivers of "bulls".

Will the ZIL-32501 be replaced by “gazelles” registered in the cities? In the unpretentious Nizhny Novgorod trailer, only two places are less, but it is more brisk and dynamic. Of course, a diesel engine will save on operating costs. But the Moscow novelty costs 320, 000 rubles - almost three (!) Times more expensive than GAZ.

In the city, the great-grandson of Ferdinand is cramped and uncomfortable. It’s easier to imagine the “Goby” on suburban routes, where you can “saw” for a long time without steering, acceleration and braking. There, in the open, such a bus will come in handy and bring the kids to school, and deliver the brigade to a distant plot. His element is the so-called roads with improved coverage. They can service and repair the car in any workshop. In this regard, domestic components and the expensive, but well-known MTS Minsk tractor engine is an advantage.

Buses, especially in Russia, have enough work. The final fate of the Moscow news will be decided by buyers. They weigh the pros and cons.

ZIL-32501 bus