Rover 25

The passions around the Rover company’s flagship, model 75, which was created in collaboration with BMW engineers, debuted a little more than a year ago, and the British company again reminded of itself. At the London Motor Show last fall, “Rover” immediately exhibited two new cars with indices 25 and 45, which will replace two-hundred and four hundred series cars in the lineup. Rovers 200 and 400, designed on Honda units and with the participation of its engineers, have been produced for over five years, so more and more buyers, even at home, in England, prefer Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus to them. The first to get on the conveyor was "Rover 25", which will be discussed below.

As you would expect, when creating a new model, the designers took the Rover-75 style as a basis. Even a not too observant motorist will immediately notice the characteristic shape of the hood and oval headlights of the “twenty-fifth”. In addition to aesthetic considerations, engineers sought to strengthen the front of the machine in order to provide better passive safety. But behind the newcomer, you can easily confuse it with the Rover 200 - the changes here are minimal. It seems that the company did not have enough time to develop a completely new body … or funds. The same thing is with the cabin: more comfortable seats have appeared, and the pedal assembly is still located unsuccessfully.

Nevertheless, the new car deserves praise: it has seven different engines, ranging from an economical two-liter turbodiesel that consumes five and a few liters of fuel per 100 km to a 145-horsepower 1.8-liter engine in the GTi version, with which “ Rover "gaining" a hundred "in 7.8 s. In addition, buyers have a choice between a “manual” gearbox or a Steptronic automatic variator transmission.

The next new products from the Rover will have to wait at least two years. In these terms, the company promises to release two completely new cars of a higher class - “Rover-35” and “55”.

Technical specifications