For the Lada Cup races, the VAZ 2108 was equipped with a sixteen-valve engine, other components and assemblies of the “tenth” family.

Now the road version of the most powerful G8 has appeared.


The Alarm Service tuning center, together with Vista, decided to build a VAZ 2108 GT, because its project “did not go” in Togliatti. At the same time, they tried to reduce the cost of the car as much as possible.

The VAZ 2108 is taken - it has the toughest and most “sporty” body of all the VAZ front-wheel drives - and turns into a vehicle that is maximally suited to meet driving ambitions. A sort of outwardly almost standard car with non-standard interior content.

The whole calculation is based on the fact that a potential client, even a very “ideological” one, having bought a car for $ 3, 500, is unlikely to want to invest substantial sums in it. At the same time, being not indifferent to the car, sooner or later he would go to the store for all kinds of tuning attributes, without which his brainchild would not look, and most importantly, drive “as it should”.

The creators of the GT variant solve these problems in a comprehensive way: from your VAZ 2108 i engine they “make” the VAZ 2112 engine, modify the suspension, install more efficient brakes and transmission with modified gear ratios. Work with the engine are among the most expensive and time-consuming. In fact, the VAZ 2112 engine is assembled on the “old” block (stored only for the sake of the serial number), and most of the components and parts, as well as attachments, are “twelfth”. In the cheapest version of the configuration, conventionally called GT1, the amount of costs (including the price of the car) does not exceed the cost of the new VAZ 2110 3 ($ 5700-6000) - a car of the same power ratio. Want more - please, there is another option GT2, just pay.

Whatever the promise, it's time to take a look at the living car.

Externally, the VAZ 2108 GT is distinguished only by white Prom wheels measuring 5.5 x 14 inches and a large GT sticker on the side. By the way, alloy wheels are already an option, the client pays extra for them separately, as well as for the front anatomical seats “König”. But the chubby three-spoke sports steering wheel and the original instrument cluster with white scales of an unusual oval shape are “standard” equipment.

Under the hood - the absolutely serial 16-valve VAZ 2112 engine (94 hp) and the strut on the upper supports of the shock absorber struts - it gives the body additional rigidity.

In the suspension are Koni Sport shock absorbers and special steel brackets for front extensions. In addition, a more powerful anti-roll bar from VAZ 2110 is installed in front (see ЗР, 1999, No. 12).

In the transmission - the original range of gear ratios developed by the Togliatti tuning company TorgMash.

The driver’s landing is tight, the body is perfectly fixed from lateral displacements, the sensitive and “elastic” steering wheel instantly transfers not only the slightest hand movement to the steered wheels, but, it seems, even thoughts - this immediately sets up for a working mood. The stiff and “muscular” suspension only enhances the sensation, allowing you to feel the car better and not be afraid of most pits and potholes.

New winter tires of the МШЗ model М-265 "Snow Queen" also fit in this idyll. On the one hand, they seemed very soft, perfectly damping small irregularities, and on the other, they pleased with good grip on rolled and loose snow, and simply on asphalt covered with dirty porridge.

Alas, the engine fell out of the general “ideological line”. In the serial version, he was clearly unable to show fighting qualities. Of course, the VAZ 2108 GT is more temperamental than the “eight-valve”. Thanks to the close gears, good traction appeared in the middle-speed zone, and the fifth gearbox became working not only on the highway, but also in the city. Nevertheless, the car did not acquire the most important thing - the expected sharpness of the response to the accelerator pedal. Against the background of everything else, the engine annoys with everyday life, although it does its job quite reliably.