Mazda 6 26 / "> Mazda 626

Mazda appeared on the automobile market in the 1930s. Then, under this brand, three-wheeled trucks went off the assembly line, and after almost thirty years, cars took up the baton. By the mid-70s, the company was already well known in the markets of Europe and the USA, where the then-rear-wheel drive models 323 and 626 were popular. It was the "six hundred and twenty-sixth" that became the bestseller and a kind of Mazda business card. In 1982, the next generation of these machines received front-wheel drive.

On the eve of the new century, "six hundred twenty-sixth" was subjected to plastic surgery. Sharp pronounced stampings appeared on the hood, enlarged the emblem, fog lights harmoniously entered into the lower apron under the bumper. The interior has also become richer. The instrument panel is now two-tone with wood trim - to choose from. The filter in the cabin ventilation system will take care of your lungs, while the handling characteristics of the suspension and the more “sharp” steering wheel have benefited from handling. The surgeon’s scalpel climbed under the hood. The power of a four-cylinder 1.9-liter engine increased from 90 to 100 liters. sec., its torque - from 145 to 152 N.m; however, the maximum has shifted to 4000 rpm. All these changes have had little effect on the vehicle’s characteristics: profitability has not changed, the maximum speed has grown by only 2 km / h. But in the cabin it became much quieter - the sound of the engine is almost inaudible. Has the car become more expensive? Just a little bit - in Europe, the price of the updated Mazda-626 increased by only 220 dollars.