Mini examination


A trip of several thousand kilometers was inappropriate.

The one on the right looked grimly out the window. The anniversary of three days ago turned into so many congratulations, after which - anywhere, but not behind the wheel. The driver who was left without a driver doomedly turned the steering wheel, and the passenger languished from his own uselessness, examining the Anti-Policay tablets purchased in the roadside tent.

- Brakes at the post! He demanded unexpectedly. - Let them check this crap, otherwise the traders make a fool of the people as they want. I do not believe that everything will disappear in five minutes …

The first stop was unsuccessful. The Moscow Region inspectors looked suspiciously at the strange client demanding to check his drunkenness, and acted “according to the instructions” - sit down, dear, behind the wheel, but make a circle of honor, here we catch you and arrange! And if you spend test tubes for every drunken passenger, then what are normal drivers to check? In general, kicked out.

The Vladimir region was much more welcoming. To the friendly laughter of the attendants from the control post, an unexpected guest wished them successful service and in their presence took the stored 200 grams of the Golden Ring, eating a bite of Alenka chocolate in the interests of science. There was no doubt that the yellow test tube would turn green - and it happened. It was the turn of the Anti-Policeman - the subject carefully chewed and swallowed two tablets. It was necessary to wait five minutes "until the syndromes of intoxication disappear completely."