Car from the store


Today we buy the most popular and controversial, beloved and scandalous domestic car of the last time - the "ten", and even with a sixteen-valve engine.

So, VAZ 2110 3 from the store …



For the brand new “one hundred and third” bottlenose dolphin colors (VIN XTA 211030Y 018 0101; body No. 0180101; engine No. 0101595) in the capital's Rostokino-Lada auto show, 5450 conventional units were given. Well, a reasonable price is a strong trump card for most domestic cars. The car is fully equipped -

Recently, VAZ has not committed the sale of incomplete equipment in general and the “dozen” in particular.

Choosing the "top ten", we advise you to pay attention to the build quality of the body. You will hardly find a car with perfectly even gaps between its parts. However, it is desirable that only a finger crawl into the gap, but not two. Our “one hundred and third” proprietary minimum program for curvature and inconsistencies, we can say, has completed. The joint of the rear bumper and the wing on the left side - a deep black abyss a good centimeter wide, cutting vertically the side of the body - is apparently a cunning design move. To counterbalance it, the designers (or production workers nevertheless) doubled, or even more, increased the gap above the right rear light. There are, however, other options - for example, both lights stand obliquely. A step at the junction of doors (the front is higher than the back or vice versa) is a common thing. Like the widening upward gap between the rear pillar and the glass frame of the rear door. But the “right” headlamp that fell “down” and the uneven clearance along the front edge of the hood - this seems to be an innovation, is not common, but we got it.

After inspecting the body, the salon frankly pleased: not Europe, of course, but everything was in place, assembly - without obvious flaws and inconsistencies, at least extraneous sounds on the go, only something rumbles in the doorway. I must admit that over the years (yes, yes - already years!) Of the release of the "dozen" the interior has been brought to an acceptable level. Only the steering wheel has forgotten how to put straight.

Looking into the trunk and not finding anything new there, we are trying to close it. It succeeds on the fifth attempt - the lock is not adjusted, it happens …


“One hundred and third” was lucky - she happily avoided checking on the dynamometer road. Firstly, it was winter and it was snowing, and secondly, the car broke down almost immediately. But first things first.

Experts who evaluated driving performance noted two features in the behavior of the car: it showed a tendency to yaw and behaved differently in left and right turns. I didn’t have to look for a reason for a long time - with the naked eye it was noticeable that the front wheels stood as if … this one that goes well with beer, red and with claws. Measurements on the stand only confirmed visual observations: the collapse of the left wheel -1 ° 20 ', the right +50' (norm 0 ° ± 30 '); castor +30 'left and right (norm 1 ° 30' ± 30 '). Convergence, thank God, is normal. By the way, many front-wheel drive VAZs "leave the store" with unregulated wheel alignment. Maybe they forgot about this operation at the factory? Or did they completely exclude it as unnecessary?

To check the capabilities of the new engine and new brakes we, as already mentioned, did not happen. The first ordered the ignition module to live for a long time, then the rear brake cylinder flowed. For reference, we provide the measurement data of the same machine, obtained six months ago. In fairness, we note that a fresh and adjusted (usually by the owner) car from Tolyatti, as a rule, shows results close to the declared parameters.

Quite quiet from the outside, “one hundred and third” intrusively “puts pressure on the ears” of the inhabitants of the cabin. The heater is very noisy. To 82 dBA, he adds another 2. At first, however, all the noise was interrupted by a rumble from under the hood. It turned out that the exhaust manifold cover touched the "pants" and the engine rattled loudly during operation.

Now about the quality of the color. Let’s leave thoughts about zinc, but simply “mock” the experimental hatch of the gas tank. Alas … The resistance to shock is disgusting, adhesion is poor. Attempts to “rot” the hatch in salt fog ended in a week - corrosion prevailed. The result is noticeably better than that of Moskvich, but he is a weak opponent in terms of color.


The purchase did not bring any new knowledge - the quality is still lame. Something has been done better, something worse, but the reserve for improvement is huge. If from “Moskvich”, whose purchase opened our section, we did not expect anything good, but the real “Svyatogor” somewhat dispelled our pessimism, then the “one hundred and third” frankly disappointed. More was expected of her. And they saw - the disgusting build quality, especially the body, breakdowns on a completely new car … We know the manufacturer's answer in advance: "Well, what do you want for that kind of money?" Yes, we just want to drive, and not repair endlessly, albeit under warranty. But the money for most Russians is still considerable - not a pack of cigarettes to buy!

PS Well, again, the news. Just now, a colleague “joyfully” said that “one hundred and third” stood somewhere near the devil on the puddings, a hundred kilometers from the capital. It seems like new problems with the engine management system.

Maybe we just got a bad copy and we need to try to replace the car? And if the other one is the same …


Weather conditions: pressure - 757 mm Hg,

temperature + 16 ° С, humidity - 56%.

Dynamic qualities

(Partial load - 2 people + 25 kg)

Acceleration, s

0–100 km / h 12

0–1000 m (km / h) 33.9 (155)

Maximum speed, km / h 181.1

Elasticity, s

60–100 km / h (IV) 14.2

80–120 km / h (V) 24.9

Coast, m

120-50 km / h 1978

50–0 km / h 583

The brakes

from 100 km / h:

stopping distance, m 56.5

deceleration, m / s2 6.79

Body panel inconsistencies, large and uneven gaps.

The steering wheel is skewed.

Faulty ignition module.

Engine outages.

Knocking exhaust manifold cover.

Corrosion develops quickly on bare metal, factory primer under paint reliably resists rust. This is how the gas tank hatch looks like on the seventh day of stay in the chamber.

The installation angles of the front wheels are violated.