Moscow bureau

the company "Audi" introduced

to journalists and dealers almost the entire gamut

all-wheel drive cars with four rings on the lining.


Organizers were not limited to banal "pokatushkami". Experienced instructors advised all riders on the most appropriate, safe and effective ways to drive all-wheel drive vehicles in extreme conditions - a kind of crash course in driving skills, useful for beginners, not out of place for professionals.

Unfortunately, the weather failed. The prolonged thaw confused the maps, turning the ideal snow track into a dangerous strip of ice and asphalt. But even in these conditions, the Audi made it possible to feel the capabilities of all-wheel drive "charged" cars. And everyone could (of course, very conditionally) pick up a car, as they say, for themselves. What I (again conditionally) and tried to do.

For lovers of luxury and comfort, the largest and most representative "Audi S8" appeared in all its glory. Looking at him, somehow you even lose the desire to get behind the wheel. Why bother fussing about in this "ship" between the cones: its element is high-speed autobahns, and it’s better not to sit behind the wheel, but lie back in the back seat. And so that the driver opens the door warningly.

Audi A6 is closer to reality. A spectacular appearance, very successfully combined with internal potential, is so lucky to manage. This car (whatever the engine and transmission) immediately makes it clear that he does not like fuss. Soft, "convenient" reactions, solid rolls, a comfortable suspension combined with a solid, "all-wheel drive" stability instill peace and confidence in you. A machine for solid, balanced people.

Another thing is two "hooligan" Audi ": S4 and S3. The first has a 2.7-liter six-cylinder engine with two 265-liter turbochargers under the hood. with. Even four-wheel drive cannot handle this herd of horses. It is necessary to sharply press the accelerator - and in second gear all four driving wheels with a loud hiss are accepted to grind wet asphalt. But what a dynamic!

"Audi S3" is 210 liters. with. - It’s also not bad, but the small Audi impresses not only with this. Powerful bumpers, swollen wheel arches, a spectacular roof spoiler - the exterior of the car tunes in a certain way: in front of you is something original and sporty. The impression is only strengthened by hard sports seats, a small, chubby steering wheel, a convenient lever of the now fashionable six-speed gearbox. In general, the “A3” is a single organism, subordinate to one - to enjoy high-speed, temperamental driving. There are no compromises here - stiff, elastic suspensions, a strict steering wheel with excellent feedback, precise, clear reactions to the movement of gas and brake pedals, and most importantly, no unnecessary electronics monitoring the correctness of your actions. Cool, albeit expensive toy.