“New Edge” is the corporate identity of today's Ford. After the extravagant "Ka" and "Focus" from the eminent automobile company waiting for the most extraordinary models. And not only cars - the concept, the predecessor of the new Transit, looked very outstanding.


Maybe high expectations played a role, but the real car caused many disappointed

"Oooh …". It is quite modern, quite nice and moderately original truck was not as futuristic as its prototype - for which he paid. Although it’s customary to meet only by clothes. Anyway, how important is the appearance for the “workhorse”? Apparently, one should not go to extremes and say that a truck should be almost worse than a rhino - the time of primitive carts on wheels has passed. At least in car-advanced countries. But to make a cult out of design, as applied to a commercial vehicle, is also unreasonable. Of course, he should be quite cut outwardly, but at the same time possess many other talents. Therefore, we recognize the "clothing" of "Transit" is quite appropriate for a decent automotive society and try to evaluate the "mind". So, the first interview with a new Ford acquaintance from the good old “transit” family.

Hello Young man. A few words about yourself, please …

Born in 2000, dad - "Transit", grandfather - also "Transit". By nationality - cosmopolitan. I was created, trained, subjected to aptitude tests on both sides of the ocean. Although I plan to settle, most likely in Europe. I will be produced in Belgium, England and even Turkey.

And what, in fact, have you decided to do in life?

I dream of becoming a commercial vehicle. To transport small consignments and passengers. This is our “transit”, family tradition. Dad and grandfather have vast experience in this area, they taught me a lot.

Such determination is laudable. And what do you know and can offer your employer?

I'm actually not alone. We are a whole family and we are all different. We distinguish between wheelbases (short, medium, long), roof height (low, medium, high). By the way, here we have already surpassed the parent - he had only two base options. Naturally, as in any decent family, there are vans among us with a cargo compartment volume from 6.05 to 11.3 cubic meters, onboard trucks, chassis for installing special bodies, various buses, combined passenger and cargo options. Our van is well done: the standard euro-pallets fit into its wide side door with the wide side. In our business, this is important.

And our family is especially proud of one quality! A little later, our youngest will appear. It looks like two drops of water, unified as much as possible. Only the engine stands across and front-wheel drive. We are all “classics”.

Are you prepared seriously? By the way, how are you doing with your health: heart, musculoskeletal system? The work ahead is not easy.

There will be no health problems. I can show a reference. The heart is the DuraTork diesel family (sorry). With the same working volume of 2.4 liters, it has three degrees of boost, developing 75, 90 and 120 horsepower. All about four valves per cylinder, turbocharged, and the last two also with an intercooler. There is also a 145-horsepower gasoline engine, and for the youngest there will be a more modest diesel engine - a two-liter one.

The gearbox is five-speed, two variants of the main pair. Rack and pinion, with an amplifier, of course: we cannot do without it. The front suspension - such as the "McPherson", is mounted on a stretcher, the rear - dependent, on leaf springs - what is needed for carrying heavy loads. The brakes in front are disc, ventilated, rear, as usual, drum.

In general, my design, that is, the body, combines advanced solutions with old, well-tested ones. I recklessly for all the new items in a row did not bother. I’m still a hard worker, albeit highly qualified, I don’t have to rattle with expensive trinkets.

Excuse me, young man, are you not mistaken? You have to work with people, and not just with boxes, bales, bags.

You probably did not understand me correctly. I'm talking about excesses, but everything you need for a person, please! He is still my potential employer. Comfortable fit behind the wheel, noise and vibration acceptable for the diesel engine, excellent visibility, including back, through the exterior mirrors. The interior is decorated quite "in a light", there is air conditioning, airbags. Even a mobile phone jack.

Really …

Yes, I understand what you want to ask. Not everything, of course, is perfect for me. We still have to work on ourselves. Some complain about too stiff suspension. True, I explain to them that this is not a whim, but a production necessity. If you focus on comfort, how far will I go with a ton and a half of cargo? We have to compromise. On an empty machine, it really shakes, especially if the base is short, but "I keep the load." By the way, despite the rear-wheel drive, I am stable on the road, like a train on rails. This is also noted by many.

Someone was surprised that there is no steering column adjustment. So what? And without this, I provide a comfortable fit for the driver.

What really needs to be worked on is the inclusion of reverse gear. My creators did not pursue fashion and did not begin to make the lever of boxes in the form of a joystick placed on the front panel. Let the long “poker” stick out of the floor, but the lever moves are short, and the inclusions are clear in all gears. Except the back. They complain that its fixation is somehow slurred, and the vibrations on the lever are too big. I will try to fix it.

So … So what do you want to get for your work? How do you rate yourself?

I understand that I have plenty of competitors, so I really appreciate my work. Like my ancestors, I will try to be one of the most affordable in its class. In addition, I undertake to save household fuel. As the tests showed, I’m more economical than daddy for about fifteen percent. Yes, and I require care infrequently - the interval between services has been increased to 25 thousand km.

Well, great! Your candidacy is accepted. Yes, by the way, try to find a job in Russia. I don’t think it will be easy for you. The country is not rich, workers are mostly hired locally to pay less. However, there are wealthy people there who might like your European education and good origin. Talk to dad, he worked there and not without success.

It seems that the new “Transit” decided to launch vigorous activity in the glorious field of “commerce”. The first impression of the conversation is that the boy is undeniably gifted. You won’t get anywhere - genes! True, he still has a lot of exams to pass. We plan to arrange one of them as soon as the novelty appears in Russia.

It looked like a prototype. The serial Transit is, of course, more modest.

The front suspension is McPherson, while the rear is the spring beam.

Well, what is not the "passenger" panel?