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Have a popular radio station anniversary!

Archibald Labuch.

Every day on the waves of "Europe Plus" is the program "Present". You can call, write, contact by e-mail and congratulate a loved one all over the country, say hello, finally, just declare yourself by ordering a song. The musical section of ZR sends its application …

Congratulations to Europe Plus with a decade! (Please transmit this message on April 30).

In 1990, a new wave came into strict official broadcasting - now known to all 106.2 FM and 69.8 VHF. Europa Plus, one might say, set the tone for all modern broadcasting. Even the word “DJ” we owe to these pioneers. Today, the network of stations cannot be described … all the broadcasting cities simply cannot fit on one page! And by the way, they are located not only in Europe, so the "plus" in the name has long been confirmed. In all sorts of ratings, "Europe Plus" habitually takes first place among commercial radio stations.

But! Followers of competitors are not asleep … No need to calm down, the laurels on which they rest are prickly. Of course, Europa Plus has a strong news service, but you won’t be full of messages and digests alone. Where, for example, is a driver program? It seems that thematic issues would only decorate the broadcast. The station can be proud of its selection of music; here there are compositions for every taste - Enrico Iglesias and Dmitry Malikov, Tarkan and Bravo, Diana Ross and Valeria. But the pauses between songs are sometimes filled unprofessionally. We quote Roman Olegov, leading the morning programs: “The main thing in the DJ, in my opinion, is the ability to express a banal thought in a new unusual form.” This is correct … but difficult. By the way, it is even better to express non-trivial thoughts. We understand that criticism on the anniversary is not the most pleasant congratulation, but it is friendly. So that you can drink to eliminate the shortcomings.

Happy anniversary, “Europe”, successful broadcasts to you! It remains to complete our musical application - order a song. Put something for yourself - presumably, “Happy birthday to you” is perfect!


The Mumiy Troll group presented a gift to fans - a new collection with a beautiful but incomprehensible title, “Like Aloe Mercury.” In it, as, however, as in the previous ones, a strange tendency is clearly noticeable: after listening to any song of the group, it is practically impossible to reproduce the content, and not everyone understands the meaning. But the magical voice of Ilya Lagutenko, hazy metaphors and phraseological turns, bewitching music give the songs from the new collection a certain charm. Just do not be left alone with a selection on a deserted track - some compositions can inspire fear. By the way, the number of songs presented in this collection will alarm superstitious: thirteen - a damn dozen. True fans are recommended to buy a new album, the rest - just listen.