Should I go for new "Lada" in their small homeland?


The correct answer will be given by comparing local and Togliatti car prices. For example, in the table and on the diagram the cost of “Lada”, “Samar”, “ten”, “cornfields” on the banks of the Volga and the Moscow River as at the beginning of February is presented. Of course, with time (and distance from the automobile and federal capitals) prices may change, but their ratio will be the same, judging by the experience of car dealerships over the past few years. What are the regularities that a dry digital figure can bring? We will divide the assortment of VAZ into three groups.

The price is almost the same in Moscow and in Tolyatti on the VAZ 2106, 2107, 21074. These cars are famous among sellers as the most difficult to sell! And if Togliatti dealers have a chance to fuse them with a small profit to some wholesale buyer “in the load” to other models, then Moscow car dealerships are often forced to sell “to zero” - consider, without your own benefit, just covering the cost of delivery to the capital . Conclusion: going to Togliatti for one of these three models, you just throw money away (or, if you like, on the road).

In the second group we will reduce cars with a difference between Moscow and Tolyatti prices from 1 to 6%. This included VAZ 2104 3, 21053, 21065, 21083, 21093, 21099, 21099–20, 21103. Togliatti car dealerships sell them on average 1.5–4 thousand rubles cheaper than their Moscow counterparts. Can you cover travel expenses with this amount? Estimate: a ticket for a Moscow-Tolyatti plane costs about 1600 rubles, a train - from 300 to 750 rubles; hotel - from 300 rubles per day; gasoline on the way back - about 600 rubles. Add to this the cost of food and "you never know what’s on the road, " and your trip will lose all meaning.

The third group - cars, the price difference of which is expressed 6% and above, or from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. These are models: VAZ 2104 7, 2110, 21102, 2111, 21213. The seemingly strange lack of VAZ 2110 3 in this list is apparently due to difficulties in servicing this model in Moscow, respectively, not very popular among buyers and low therefore a trade margin.

This group also includes all the short-run VAZ models produced in the pilot industrial production (OPP). VAZ 2131 (five-door Niva), until recently - 2115 (Samara-2), 21108 (extended ten), 2112 (ten ten-hatchback), 21106 (Opel power unit), cars with rotary piston engines and similar products, of course, are much cheaper in Togliatti than in Moscow. For lovers of serial exotics, dealers of OPP STC VAZ are working - Spark, Motorika, Megaplast.