Another oil giant has come to the Russian market.

Very late, but with serious intentions.


We have enough motor and transmission oils - go to any market. Multi-colored canisters with non-labeled labels are pleasing to the eye and excite consciousness - after all, in a nearby store you will pay much more for the same names. However, it’s scary to buy at the market, and expensive at the store. Where to go to a motorist?

Another superfirm decided to water the crankcases, boxes and bridges of cars traveling around Russia with first-class oils - rich as the Count of Monte Cristo and known as Alexander Dumas. In the fight against honest competitors and petty crooks in the Russian market, the French “Total” enters.

The same "Total" … Oil and gas wells in the Middle East and Latin America, the production of automotive, industrial, marine, aviation lubricants, 14, 000 service stations in 100 countries and two hundred million liters of products per day - such a company can allow Spend yourself on the creation of a new lubricant from 6 months to two years, investing in science up to 10% of working capital. It was Total oil that was seething in the roaring engines of Citroens, four of the first to break into the Dakar … Today, the company produces 1, 600 different types of products in packages of 1 to 208 liters and quietly takes first place in France, third in Europe and fifth in the world . But what does Total expect in Russia?

Of course, the “new Russians” limousines will gladly swallow the most expensive oil exotics, but they are not the ones who do the weather on the market. Owners of "Samar" and "Volga", as well as inexpensive (often used) foreign cars will not refuse good oil either. But what about prices and fakes?

“We take into account the peculiarities of the Russian market, ” notes the manager of the export company, Mr. Laurent de Soltre. - The appearance of “Total” should be accompanied by a strong price “amnesty” - you can buy French oil for a reasonable price. Pricing should be flexible. As for fakes, so far they are just … no! In Russia, they have not had time to stock up on fake canisters with “total” labels, and in Europe such a business is considered unprofitable. Therefore, at least in the near future, one should not be afraid of the “left” Total.

Interestingly, which of the proposed oils should be in the greatest demand? The total product range is wide, but the firm’s specialists are convinced that mineral oils are living their last years, the future lies with synthetics. However, with regard to Russia, this prediction is perhaps premature. The poor owner of a ten-year “classic” is quite satisfied with the “mineral water” TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 SAE 15W-40. The owner of the brand new “Samara” will be able to please her engine with high-quality and relatively inexpensive “semi-synthetics” TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 SAE 10W-40. But the “upper class” from “Total” is, of course, the QUARTZ 9000 HI Generation family. The company’s research center in Honfreville, when creating a new product, took into account modern operating requirements for engine oils. Basis - a mixture of synthetic components with oil obtained by hydrocraining, a modern package of CERT additives, lengthy laboratory and operational tests. The result: TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40 oils, which ensure reliable engine start at low temperatures, can save up to 3% of fuel, reduce engine wear (primarily due to the rapid flow of oil to the rubbing vapors). Add here excellent antioxidant properties, which means increased oil life, cleaner exhaust, approval of such giants as Peugeot Citroen, Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW … In general, all the charm of modern oil is in one bottle. And again the magical sounds - "a reasonable price."

Finally, we will take an interest in whether “Total” produces additives that are so popular with us for “ordinary” oils (like “poured into the engine - reduced fuel consumption”)? We ask this question to Mr. Frederic Jarnier, a specialist at the firm's research center. Monsieur looks upset - he explained, drove around the factory, showed, and on you! It is necessary to listen guilty again: the Total oil manufacturing technology provides for the strictest adherence to the given chemical formula of the product with constant quality control at all stages of production. Therefore, it is unnecessary to say that it already contains a strictly metered amount of all necessary components. And you should not touch up the creations of great artists with a felt-tip pen.