OLDSMOBILE Aurora The Old Motobil division of the General Motors Concern, which survived in the mid-90s, seems to be starting to get on its feet. The company promises to completely change its lineup, but for now its flagship Aurora has been updated. This model, which appeared in 1994, was not in great demand - about five thousand cars were sold in five years.

To attract the younger generation of Americans, the designers decided to give the appearance of the car a kind of youthful "recklessness." Despite the fact that the Aurora of the 2001 model year has become shorter by 15 cm, the interior of the novelty is more spacious than its predecessor. Perhaps the most curious is the driver information center (DIC), which provides information on the operation of 27 (!) Various car systems, including tire pressure.

The latest large-scale stamping technology was used in the production of the body - the sidewall is solid, as a result of which Aurora managed to “lose weight” (74–129 kg, depending on configuration), while the torsional rigidity of the body increased significantly. This was facilitated by yet another “know-how” - a magnesium alloy cross member integrated into the front panel.

Stiffer car suspensions make you feel almost an athlete, and the PCS system, with the support of the on-board computer, corrects the mistakes of the presumptuous “pilot”. In particular, it corrects the trajectory by braking one of the wheels. The steering also could not do without electronics: the patented Magnastir power amplifier is installed here, adding “heaviness” to the steering wheel with increasing speed.

Technical specifications

Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and displacement - 6x24x3473 smz; net power - 160 kW / 217 liters. with. at 5500 rpm; maximum torque - 311 N.m at 5600 rpm. Transmission - automatic 4-speed; body -