At one time (ЗР, 1998, No. 11, 12), we talked about the technical requirements for operational materials for automobiles of the Volga Automobile Plant. Now VAZ has prepared a new version of this document.

Vladimir DORFMAN,

Head of Laboratory

As before, motor oils tested by AvtoVAZ and recommended for use are divided into two groups. The first (Table 1) combines standard type oils designed for all engines whose operation began before 1998. The list of approved oils has been replenished with a number of new brands and has already reached 22 names. All oils listed in the table are checked for compliance with the technical requirements for materials (ТТМ 1.97.0715–99) of AvtoVAZ. Car owners still have to determine the timing of the oil change based on the relevant VAZ service manual, but it is advisable to change the oil one and a half times more often when the car is used intensively in winter (mainly in the city, during short trips).

By the way, we note that the level of requirements for the functional properties of motor oils, provided in the new TTM 1.97.0715–99, is slightly higher than the requirements of SF / CC by API, therefore, if the oil meets the latter, this does not guarantee its compliance with the new TTM. Super motor oils (Table 2) that meet the TTM VAZ 1.97.0727–99 are designed for all new VAZ cars coming off the assembly line since 1998, and are absolutely obligatory for engines of new and modernized models with hydraulic bearings, hydraulic pushers, chain tensioners, gasoline injection systems and toxicity reduction. It is these brands of oils that are included in the new manuals for the operation of all models of VAZs produced today.