Russian project


Our wards - “six”, “Orbit” and “Svyatogor” ran 25 thousand kilometers. To summarize the interim anniversary.


Svyatogor turned out to be a petty dirty trickster and a crafty extortionist. Roomy and beautiful, he constantly begs for money to eliminate the "last" defect. It seems: a little more and then … but the process is endless. Always in semi-working condition - the car, however, continues to drive. She, of course, cannot be loved, but can only be exploited. This approach saves both money and nerves.

They say everything flows, everything changes. This is also about "Svyatogor". Despite the changing design, it continues to flow. Gasoline leaked during the trip to Lake Baikal (see ЗР, 1999, No. 10). Corrosion for a couple of months (!) Through right through the fuel tank of a brand new car. Then the grandfather's method came to the rescue - the holes were sealed with soap.

Next, the front struts emptied, the seals of the flanges of the main transmission lost weight. Fortunately, everything happened before the warranty ended. And the corresponding service at the AZLK, led by Vyacheslav Ivanovich Komarov, strangely enough, works much better than the VAZ or Izhevsk one.

And the tank, and racks, and gaskets were replaced under warranty, and, quite unexpectedly, without the usual red tape.

To exclude a possible bias against our car, we interviewed the bitter owners of other cars who came for a guarantee almost from all over Russia. It turned out - everyone received the due satisfaction.

Knowing from the experience of the owners of “Muscovites” that replacing only the main gear oil seals sometimes does not help, and the “transmission” seeps between the threads of the adjusting nuts, they are turned off one by one (carefully counting the revs!), The threads are degreased, coated with sealant and put in place.

Soon it was the turn of the brake fluid. By twenty thousand, the pedal began to easily fall to the floor, and the tank - rapidly empty. Only two of the six wheel cylinders retained tightness. Here, in all its glory, the cunning of the signaling device appeared. He was silent, because both circuits flowed at once and the pressure in his channels dropped evenly! Along the way, we note that the VAZ warning system with a float in the tank seemed more reliable. Soon the chandler and the master cylinder. True, the liquid did not flow out of it, but was transferred from circuit to circuit. Repair was reduced to replacing the cuffs and fine-tuning the mirror with emery "zero".

The engine cooling and lubrication systems are still holding, however, replacement of the thermostat that has jammed in the open position is coming.

But if technical fluids try to leak out, then the rain gets inside the machine. As it turned out, the fifth door glass sealant devoid of a “lock” does not seal anything - the water that has leaked through it accumulates in the trunk. We have not yet been able to find the missing link in the sale, so we cover the floor with cardboard, replacing it, like a “diaper, ” as it gets wet.

The inner handle once, having separated from the right front door, remained in the hand - its polyurethane foam ears were torn. Following the upholstery began to crumble, and the dropped screws could surprisingly easily be inserted into place without a tool. And then (finally!) The armrest fell off between the front seats - the flimsy design from the very beginning did not inspire confidence. He put a pig in his seat belt. Right at the traffic police picket, a screw of the top point of its fastening suddenly fell out. The inertial coil quickly unwound the excess, and the driver instantly was unfastened. This violation did not escape the trained eye of the inspector. But, having examined the "scene of the incident", he only limited himself to condolences and released him in peace.

Finally, it was possible to find the source of a strange knock, annoying from the first day. When welding the body on the shelf under the washer reservoir, a "popping" formed loudly greeting every bump. After a decisive blow with a sledgehammer, he fell silent - we hope, forever. Surprised and the "sixth" engine. It is believed that he is unpretentious and reliable, and then he began to smoke, requiring the replacement of valve stem seals. And during the disassembly, something previously unprecedented was revealed: the valves were held on parole! Artificially skewed ("raw") crackers were ready to fall out at any moment. Ever heard of this? Did VAZ begin to assemble engines specifically for AZLK?

IZH is an honest fellow. Being painful from birth, he did not promise us a quiet life. The general impression of the car - went through all! Unless the engine survived. True, VAZ.

We have already talked about a lot in previous publications, but Orbit, as a source of defects, seems to be inexhaustible. Their list, with which we turned to the factory, occupied two typewritten pages. The reaction followed immediately, or rather, within the time period stipulated by law - 20 days from the date of delivery of our pre-trial claim.

At the Izhmashservice, already known to us, the car was searched with partiality. In fairness, we note that this time they did not take money for entry into the station territory and documents as collateral.

The result of the work of the technical commission was a multi-page act with a detailed description of all the identified shortcomings, and three weeks later an official letter arrived from the factory. Its essence is interesting: knowing that the car is being tested in a magazine, the manufacturer undertakes to eliminate all the identified shortcomings of this separate copy and even repaint the body. Such a gentleman’s agreement. But what about a mere mortal who has bought exactly the same cars? And certainly not out of love for the IL brand, but solely for financial reasons - “Orbit” is ten thousand cheaper than its classmates - “Six” and “Svyatogor”. Why should they expect such paternal care?

Judge for yourself, in addition to the malfunctions that we described in ЗР, 1999, No. 10 (“A Thousand Dozens”), their list continues to be replenished with the same persistence.

The “stove” in the factory version heats very badly and, in addition to the noise drowning out the sound of the car engine, practically does not produce any other work.

Somehow, in several approaches to fine-tuning it, we managed to achieve a tolerable blowing of the front glass and put a little warm air at the feet of the driver and front passenger.

The fan and the casing were clipped, clinging to each other, the joints of plastic air ducts were sealed with foam rubber and tape, the funnel of the external air intake was covered with a mesh, etc.

We will describe in more detail in the next issues of “Our Forces”.

Nevertheless, the rear window does not thaw, and in the snowfall, the right brush presses snow from the windshield into the air intake. But thanks to the net, it does not fall inside and it can be scooped up by opening the hood.

The front panel is deformed in the sun and smells very unappetizing in hot summers. No deodorants save.

It is quite dangerous to use a regular jack for its intended purpose - the machine does not want to stand on it. The rear axle gearbox buzzing from Baikal finally refused - the teeth of the semi-axial gears and satellites crumbled. The new kit (suitable from the "412th" Moskvich) cost us 300 rubles. Tires M-145, installed on the car by the factory, finally cracked along the tread grooves and ingloriously ended the mileage in a landfill. By the way, with the new Bi-391, stability and controllability are incomparably better. And how the antique M-145s that didn’t match the Orbit got into the car even at the maximum speed allowed remains a mystery.

The electrical equipment of the machine is “keeping up” with everything else. Over 25 thousand kilometers, everything that could turn off spontaneously turned off - from the instruments in the cabin to the rear lights. Almost every connector required our intervention, and only after that the device worked reliably. Especially about the glass washer pump. It is installed, as if on purpose, separately from the tank, on the side of the radiator and, as they say, on the draft itself! If there is water in it, it will freeze immediately, as soon as the air temperature drops to zero. By the way, getting to the pump without removing the radiator is a problem. We had to experience this for ourselves. Shortening the hose, they lifted the pump and hid it behind the battery - it’s more convenient.

The complexity of the repair and reconstruction, as well as the time spent on them, we did not consider - pointless. For, according to Zhvanetsky, this is not a process that can be completed, but a state from which you can only exit. We are in it from the first meters of the “glorious” path of Orbit. Enough, we will change it for money - no repair, even factory, exclusive, will not make it trouble free.

"Six" is struggling to be a worthy heir to the "Shah" - VAZ-2106 early releases. Unfortunately, she does not always succeed. They say the equipment in the factory has worn out. But when it completely falls apart, we will recall today's cars as a quality standard. The veteran’s biggest troubles - a collapsed rear axle gearbox, sagging front seats and cracked dipped-beam headlights - typical of the modern, once-cult Six. Interested in details? .. Then return to ZR, 2000, No. 2.

So, to summarize the intermediate finish. "Six" - a car that is structurally practically no different from its prototype of the 60s, is still quite competitive in its price range. And even in spite of assembly flaws, it gives us much less trouble than Svyatogor or Orbit.

"Svyatogor" - well cut, but poorly stitched. Relatively modern in design, workmanship and assembly noticeably lame. Its potential buyer in exchange for his plumbing skills and time for repair receives a generally acceptable car by our standards.

“Orbit” - we don’t know what the designers ’idea was, but what happened in the metal! .. One advantage is that it’s convenient to drive and imagine yourself racing along the autobahn.

So what to advise to a poor Russian motorist?

Need a large and comfortable car - take "Svyatogor", but on the condition that your hands are skillful, and digging in pieces of iron you find the best pastime. Excellent maintainability of the purchase will in most cases do without a lift and special tools.