As expected

a successful car is gradually overgrown with many

body modifications. So Ford Focus, the car of 1999, can already be purchased in the station wagon version, and ahead

sports ST170,

Focus Cosworth, convertible and, finally, at the end of 2001 - a coupe.

Alexander KRASNOV

Author's drawing

Exactly in gratitude for the long wait, Ford decided to reward the fans with two coupe options at once. The first will be built on the platform of the existing sedan, but the second … It should introduce the next generation of the Focus to the public and at the same time continue the original direction in design, opened by Ford 20 years ago. In the stylistic decision of the body, plastic will be added, but the proprietary “face” will remain, as well as the pseudo-laid on wheel arches on the wings, and even the triangular side repeater. In all other respects, it will be a completely independent car. It’s hard to say about the configuration of the new compartment, but what’s known: there will be three Sigma and Zetek gasoline engines, all with direct injection and variable valve timing, with outputs from 75 to 136 liters. with. Yes, even a two-liter diesel "Leopard" with a "common rail" system and four valves per cylinder. The transmission, of course, is six-speed; for an additional fee, a CVT CVT variator will be installed.


Where should one look for the origins of the current Ford brand identity? Strictly speaking, the “new facet” was not born today. Many consider the founder of the Ford GT 90, but this can be argued. Take a look at the Ford Probe 1 concept, first shown in 1979. Even then, almost flat surfaces with very noticeable mates played a major role in creating the body shape. And the triangle dominated over everyone! So the “new” style has already turned “twenty”. Another thing, then they just touched it, for proper development the time has not yet come. What a pity, the car was the most curious. Suffice it to say that the drag coefficient was only 0.22 - a value that is not yet achievable for everyone! And having equipped the salon with an electronic information center and game consoles, the designers just made a leap in time!

However, experiments with faceted forms were abandoned until time, and rounded “bioforms” were established for a long time in the form of “Fords”. Only in 1995, the GT90 concept literally blew up the design world, presented at the Detroit Motor Show. This prototype had a 12-cylinder turbocharged engine with a capacity of … 710 liters. with.! True, aerodynamics let us down: Cx = 0.32 is obviously too big. But forms, forms … Nobody laughed - everyone was discussing the possibility of the appearance of new Ford cars, solved in the proposed way.

They did not keep themselves waiting, although the original features appeared, of course, in a somewhat relaxed form. In 1997, the MC 2 concept coupe was born on the Mondeo platform. The chassis was kept almost unchanged, but the two-door body is admirable. The found style clearly appealed to the designers of the corporation, because at its core we again see a triangle and sharp edges in the mates of the main surfaces. Even the door handle is triangular! The car is very harmonious. Many people liked the tight wheel arches surrounded by the finest stamping, beautifully painted connectors and amazing surfaces, and the pros saw the immediate future in the concept - a new coupe. And they were not mistaken: literally a year later, the Cougar sports coupe continued its direction.

Almost simultaneously with this, already production car, they showed a pretentious concept - the Saetta roadster from the “court” design company “Ford” - “Gia”. As you can see, the style is one hundred percent sustained, although a car cannot be assigned to a compartment. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful, original car of Italian work, created on the basis of the popular Ford Fiesta.