Mitsubishi PISTACHIO

Among the most recent Mitsubishi’s most successful developments are gasoline engines with direct fuel injection. It was she who borrowed the technology of their production from other companies. Someone was forced to purchase a license for the production of GDI engines from Mitsubishi, and someone later managed to independently develop a similar design. One way or another, Mitsubishi remains the undisputed leader here. And another confirmation of this is the Pistakio - Pistachio model introduced in December last year in Tokyo. This nut growing in Iran, the Japanese chose as a symbol of clean environment.

The Mitsubishi Pistakio example clearly demonstrates how the harm from a modern city car to its atmosphere and nature is minimized, while keeping it quite comfortable and dynamic. This is due to the power unit GDI Sigma series with a working volume of 1094 cm. Today it is the world's smallest direct-injection gasoline engine. It is paired with an automatic stop and start system - Stop & Go. Suppose you arrived at a traffic light, stopped the Pistachio, switched to neutral and removed your foot from the clutch pedal. In this mode, in order to save fuel, automation will automatically shut off the engine. However, there is no need to worry about whether you have time to start the car before the impatient neighbors on the road start honking. Turns on green, you are just starting to squeeze the clutch, and the engine is already up and running on electronics! Thanks to this, an already economical car in the urban cycle overcomes 300 km per 10 liters of gasoline! By the way, Japan does not expect to switch to such a standard of fuel consumption yet - in 2010. So that the driver does not press on the gas once again, the so-called ECO lamp is provided on the instrument panel, which flashes when the driving style is uneconomical. Mitsubishi experts will soon find out whether the systems tested on Pistachio will appeal to motorists. This year, the company intends to launch 50 copies of the model at a price of about 9 thousand dollars.