(Dedicated to the first of April)


Unfortunately, the “Stop blooper” heading comes out only by odd numbers, so we celebrate “Fools Day” belatedly. However, this does not detract from the significance of the holiday, as it reigns on our roads all year round.

The only trouble is that the representatives of the road services and the traffic police with humor … have some problems: they prefer to laugh at them. Why, for a “wrong" reading of a composition of ordinary road signs, you can get a fine. But we also have other road signs with the most free and, most importantly, unpunished translation. A wider smile, gentlemen! Happy holiday!

Here is the handsome St. Petersburg (photo 1). Of course, the form and color of the service mark attract the driver’s eyes, this is what the road advertising “attraction” is built on. And let them have no right to loom on the roads. You understand: “paid” for them, and the manufacturer, and the local traffic police - so as not to resent in vain. On the other hand, you must admit that it’s a shame to remain in the dark when the product installed in the “hi-fi center” produces such a high-quality external sound. The effect is impressive.

Unlike the sign from Barnaul (photo 2). Even if you know that the Audi company is a division of the Volkswagen concern … (although in the Altai Territory it may turn out to be the other way around), the interested look is quite capable of reading the image as a reference to the newlyweds store. A certain orientation.

Still, you need to be more specific, since they put up an exposition. Well, how do you understand what is required of a driver (photo 3), who has the misfortune of traveling along the Novosibirsk-Leninsk-Kuznetsk highway (incidentally, the first (!) Category)? A pedestrian crossing … "Ay-ah-ah-ah" was killed … ", and in addition of" blue blood "! The situation is obviously trying to concretize the subsequent sign (photo 4) - unsuccessfully.

Take an example from the sovereign (regarding the use of traffic rules and administrative penalties for its own invention) of Tatarstan. Along the road N. Chelny - Kazan (photo 5) graze … You have no idea? Fat flocks of UN peacekeeping forces! Nevertheless, sovereignty must be protected. You doubt that the herds are "fat"? A similar sign is installed on the opposite side of the road at a distance of five (!) Meters.

And who is "grazing" at the entrance to the capital of our country (photo 6)? Who! The police? There is no such police in the police law. Who! Ecologists? Perhaps the unsuccessful followers of the “green letter” forgot that they were forbidden to stop the cars (see “Traffic police answers” ​​- ZR, 2000, No. 4). Ah, next to them is a traffic police officer, and on the contrary - his stationary post … There are no problems, let’s stop and recall that the vehicle’s technical condition is monitored exclusively during inspection. Here is the TO ticket. Smiles, laughter - thanks for reminding us of our rights and responsibilities, have a nice trip, take a tablet, a device and a rod for memory. Farewell. It’s better to do something else (photo 7 is also from Moscow). Can you imagine how much useful you can offer drivers? And the earnings are higher.