I do not like chatter on the topic: can a woman be a driver (leader, pilot, etc.). In my opinion, their essence boils down to whether a woman is a man at all. But, while driving my car and driving to the streets of my hometown, I am experiencing one of the most amazing metamorphoses of my own consciousness. The thought that visits me is … the fewer women driving, the better.

Judge for yourself. In the free left lane there is the opportunity to go at a speed of 60–80 km / h. But a brand-new car drags ahead with a speed of “40”, and, watching it, you can guess that its driver is clearly not interested in either the speed of the traffic flow or the real situation on the road. Know that no flashing lights, sound signals, etc. will not help, because at the wheel - a woman.

Another common female habit is to ride in two rows at the same time. It is impossible to go around such a car neither on the right nor on the left. At the same time, the lady sitting at the wheel is absolutely up to the bulb for possible emergency situations due to her fault.

A special breed of women driving - jeep drivers. These simply “wedge” from the feeling of their own invulnerability. Moreover, the larger the jeep, the usually the lower the qualifications of its owner. They do not consider it necessary to turn on the turn signal during rebuilding, to give way to anyone. But in the cult, the habit of famously and unexpectedly cut other drivers was built. Look at the expression on her face, immediately remember the famous sculptural composition “The Girl with the Oar”.

And the last one. Dear women, my advice to you. When driving, look not only in front of you, but also in the rear-view mirrors. This to some extent ensures that you continue to remain as young and healthy. And do not assume that if you are honored, then the driver of the neighboring car is trying to take care of you. Most likely, it just shows that you interfere with it and many other movements. Moreover, a man struck by your beauty is not necessarily sitting in a voice-giving machine. I may be at the wheel of a woman - a woman …