For you and your car


Remote engine start systems will warm the engine and car interior in the cold winter, turn on the air conditioning system in the hot summer, and simply save time.


In the morning, before you sit down for breakfast, look out the window, press the key fob button and calmly proceed to the meal. And while you enjoy the taste of aromatic coffee, the remote engine start system will prepare the car for the trip: it will start and warm up the engine, activate the interior heating, turn on the air conditioning, in a word, fulfill up to fifty of your desires, without prejudice to the rights of the car. All the necessary programs - injection control, glow plug heating (diesel), the operation algorithm of the solenoid that controls the air damper of the carburetor - and other requirements of the iron horse, the auto starter will support and strictly fulfill. If you need to constantly keep the car on alert, use the automatic engine start mode when its temperature drops below a given value. The latter is especially true for equipment operated in the Far North, ambulances, special vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergencies.

When purchasing an auto starter, pay special attention to its compatibility with your car. On machines with a manual gearbox, models are installed that can control the neutral position of the gear lever. For example, the Mongoose RS-213 auto starter is equipped with two transmitters (on the body floor) and photodetectors on the lever. If opponents lose visual contact (transmission is engaged), the auto starter will refuse to work. The lock also works when the hood is open and the hand brake is not applied. For machines with automatic gearbox, the “neutral” is monitored by the standard or additional end contacts.

If all conditions are met, and the auto starter flatly refuses to obey orders, then the reason most likely lies in the weakening or absence of a control signal. Although the powerful pulse of the key fob and the amplifier of the receiving antenna guarantee the operation of the system at a distance of one hundred and fifty meters, it is necessary to park the car under the windows of your own, not the neighboring house, and also not hide the car in a metal “shell”.

To control the execution of commands without leaving your home, connect a pager to the system that will notify you of a successful engine start or ask you to try again. For such convenience, you will have to pay about $ 35 - a quarter of the cost of an auto starter.

1. Pager - a useful addition to the auto starter