Auto industry


How to live on? The participants in the annual conference of suppliers at AvtoVAZ puzzled over this.


Who makes the car? A strange question: car factories, of course! We have it AvtoVAZ, GAZ, UAZ, and so on, many will say. But not the workers of the car factories themselves. Because they know: their products are the fruit of the labor of many enterprises. AvtoVAZ alone has about 700 suppliers, and the quality of machines coming off the assembly line depends on their work. And she is different.

At the Volga Automobile Plant, they even classify their partners into four “nominations”: excellent, reliable, unreliable and unsatisfactory. The former account for 9%, the latter - 54%, the unreliable - 29%, and even 8% are worthless! Yes, the car factory refuses unsatisfactory suppliers. Recently, for example, I had to stop buying steering column switches in Oktyabrsk. It’s good that they found a replacement. And if their producer was a monopolist?

Alas, they are not yet in the queue for car assembly companies wishing to provide their components. Rather, many want it. But here is able to organize rhythmic deliveries of a huge number of parts (AvtoVAZ produces 2700 cars a day!), And even of the required quality and at an affordable price, not everyone is capable. A good supplier is worth its weight in gold. And at the Volga Automobile Plant he is surrounded by honor. Diplomas are awarded to "excellent", letters of thanks are written to "reliable". And components produced by the best do not subject to incoming control - this is the highest degree of trust.

However, they are trying with interest to work here with everyone, gathering, for example, at annual conferences where they discuss joint actions and problems. This year, prices have become one of the main topics. The factory spent 92.5 kopecks on a ruble of marketable products produced last year! But once VAZ 2101 cost the company 1950 rubles, but sold for five thousand! If everything continues as it is now, then AvtoVAZ “is waiting for a dull existence, not development, ” said P. Skrinsky, vice president of procurement in his speech. In fact, for seven and a half cents from the ruble it will not work and the equipment will be updated, and new models put into production.

Why are the costs so high? The first general AvtoVAZ, and now - the head of the expert group V. Polyakov, more than eloquently spoke about this. Compared to August 1998, the Volga Automobile Plant raised selling prices by 78%. At the same time, petroleum products went up by 170%, chemical products - by 180%, metal - by 195%. And tires - by 200%! The cost of raw materials rises by leaps and bounds. And the prices for components overtake the cost of cars in terms of growth. Most suppliers increase prices by more than double. The “Champion" here is the Moscow "Shinsyriesnab", which raised prices by 2.9 times in a year and a half!

As a rule, they are justified by the fact that they do it forcibly: materials, energy carriers have risen in price. But no one is looking for a way out! They work in the same way as before the crisis, and even more than 30 years ago, when enterprises for the production of components were opened under the program for the construction of the Volga Automobile Plant.

The frame of the panel is made, for example, from the most expensive imported materials. The upholstery of the ceiling is made of polyurethane foam with fiberglass of foreign manufacture and with imported fabric. Even abroad, such materials are used only in cars of the highest class! As a result, 36 million rubles are annually lost on the “nine” upholstery and 40 million rubles are lost on the “tens” upholstery.

A set of Samar bumpers made of fine-mesh polyurethane costs 1029 rubles, and if it were plastic, the red price for it would be 479 rubles. Losses - 500 rubles per machine! And nothing is being done to master another technology, to use other materials - cheaper domestic, but not inferior in quality to the current ones.

We have to solve similar problems for the car factory itself. They built a plastics workshop and produce bumpers for the "tens" one and a half to two times cheaper than the Syzran JSC "Plastic". But AvtoVAZ cannot undertake the production of all automotive components!