Fleet ZR


Buying a new car is a joyful event. By purchasing the VAZ 2110 3, we survived it twice.


In ZR, 2000, No. 3, we talked about our latest acquisition - VAZ 2110 3. It was the twelfth day of owning a new car. Nothing boded ill until we left our hero a hundred kilometers from Moscow with a suddenly rumbling engine.

And if we didn’t buy a car in a solid, as it was later confirmed, a company - there would be enough adventures for a whole novel.

But long and good does not happen. As soon as the first impressions went into dialing the third issue of the magazine, the engine rattled suspiciously, and the inscription “Check engine” lit up on the instrument panel.

The check was postponed until the morning, but the engine that cooled during the night again worked smoothly. Already gathered to be glad, they say, carried. But it was not there! As it warmed up, the rumble intensified until it reached a distinct ringing mode, as if foreign objects were jumping in the cylinders.

Even when buying, we were warned about the fourteen-day seller’s warranty (do not confuse with the factory). At this time, he undertakes to fix all defects on his own for free, and in a difficult case - replace the car. This we took advantage of.

Yuri, who came out of the bowels of the Rostokino-Lada administrative building (as he introduced himself), without further ado suggested to go to the workshop. Located in a multi-story underground garage, it made a favorable impression. In the room, designed for 8-10 cars, several people worked in uniform overalls. Noticed the most expensive, but branded tool. We were already waiting. The foreman quickly examined the “object” and introduced “our” locksmith. He immediately connected the DST-2 diagnostic complex to the engine and found out that the on-board computer required “checking the engine” due to the constant operation of the knock sensor. The latter reacted so to the knock of several faulty hydraulic lifters. At the end of the procedure, we were provided with a contact phone number, offering to call in a day. The timeout was due to the lack of necessary parts in the warehouse. Clutch discs, windshields, ignition modules and all kinds of sensors were stored there. There was not only bird's milk - and compensators. I did not foresee the warehouse manager of such a defect, by the way, the first one from the beginning of sales "one hundred and third." And he is not alone: ​​throughout the district - at least a ball of rolling. Five pieces were hardly found in the outlet under the sign "Stop". More precisely, it would be "Gop-stop", because the details were tapped by the "good". The second attempt also failed. 16 pieces bought on the market turned out to be defective to one. After ascertaining that others did not supply trade, Rostokino-Lada ordered a shortage directly at the VAZ (after all, the dealer!). Only delivery times exceeded even angelic patience. And then the distressed foreman suggested replacing the car.

By that time, all one-hundred-and-three intended for sale had been to the anticorrosive and signaling staff. We did not want to pay extra for these services, and the car was needed “naked”. Then all the same Yuri recorded us in a special magazine for customers awaiting goods “on order”. Soon the invitation bell rang. We were able to get out only after a couple of days. All this time, a car with the “ordered” sign was waiting for us at the site. By our arrival, he had already been checked and staffed. The predetermined color of the "antelope" came to taste completely. Let us hope that this golden splendor will not work as an example of the green bottlenose dolphin. But do not make a guess - you will inevitably become superstitious with Russian cars.