For you and your car



The offices of large bosses at all times were equipped with one omnipotent button - it’s not worth it for a highly planted person to call by phone when there is a nice staff unit in the “waiting room” for this …

The St. Petersburg company Magic Systems, starting to develop a new product, decided to combine the solid simplicity of the button with the mobility of modern communications and take into account the low purchasing power of the population. The result was a “local pager system” - see photo. It consists of two trinkets - a transmitter and a receiver. Specifications are listed below.

Novelty can be useful in a variety of situations. The wife sat up with her friend and asked to call in - appear in a conditional place and instead of buzzing all over Ivanovskaya, click on the button - come on, dear, get down … A visitor to the car dealership asked a tricky question - a smiling manager would instantly wake a consultant dormant in a nearby room. The child began to play in the yard - a pager would invite him to dine. In general, there are many options.

There are two buttons on the transmitter. Click on the first one - the receiver will give out a six-second series of single signals, the second - the receiver will respond with double squeaks of the same duration. In a word, the toy is useful.

Unfortunately, the real range is also a toy. The power of a weak transmitter-transmitter, borrowed from a car alarm, is enough only to “break through” two or three walls in a room, or about a hundred meters “in an open field”. However, this is precisely why the name “local” is present in the product name. And the price of the kit - about $ 25 - is lower than that of "real" pagers. In the end, if you want to be heard, come closer …


A new tool “Likor” appeared on the spare parts market, which effectively removes rust up to 30 microns thick from car body parts. A novelty is made from … nutritional supplements and vitamin C.