Volkswagen Golf Test


The powerful Golf GTI is a real wolf in the skin of a lamb. The first "burgher-athlete" started in 1979 so successfully that since then every new generation of "golf" has certainly acquired a modification of the GTI. Volkswagen Golf IV was no exception.

Anatoly FOMIN

Over the years, the car became larger, more powerful and heavier, and although the numbers of technical characteristics eloquently convinced that the new car was faster and better than the previous one, something that was not noticeable by the instruments left.

The fourth-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI was the first of the GTIs to receive a turbocharged engine. The prefix "turbo" - for the layman, is a symbol of hard-to-control, hurricane power, but here it is not so. The 1.8T engine with five valves per cylinder develops 110 kW / 150 liters. s., but he has no fighting character at all. The task of a turbocharger is fundamentally different - to provide a uniformly high torque in the entire speed range.

But the “Golf GTI”, presented to us for acquaintance, turned out to be a little different. The German tuning company “Wolf” worked on the machine, as a result of which the standard muffler gave way to an impressive structure made of Remus stainless steel, and the regular engine control program became a special one, which allows increasing boost pressure and fuel supply. As a result, the power was raised to 154 kW / 209 liters. s .. There were no other changes in the car, even the air cooling radiator is standard.

The result is visible to the naked eye. After 2500 rpm, the tachometer needle overcomes the gap to a red line in one jump, although even with 1500 rpm the engine accelerates the car quite confidently. Even lower, the supercharged engines “don't live”, even with an adjustable turbine.

Without a doubt, increased torque does its job - with a sharp start, dozens of Newton meters die in smoke from Michelin-Pilot HX low-profile tires rotating in place, although at higher speeds they bring tangible benefits. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to measure which one.

The characteristics of the Golf suspension and tires are selected so as to provide it with a very high level of comfort and safety. You can do anything on dry pavement, and only after the roughest provocations the car freezes for a while in a deep drift, as if asking the driver: “Man, what are you doing?” Such an emphasis on active safety is not very pleasing on the Khodynka race track, but on on the road he is the best guarantee against unnecessary adventures. The reverse side of the suspension is low energy consumption. A little pothole makes the shock absorbers to work all the way.

Nevertheless, the Golf remained a Golf - a solid and safe car. An impeccably assembled Rekaro interior with black leather seats works for prestige, and two hundred “horses” under the hood are the best answer to the question of how to get over that truck. Add climate control, a good audio system, heated seats and a price of 26 thousand dollars, combined with the appearance of the most popular car in Europe - get the answer to all questions.

Volkswagen Golf GTI (Standard)

General data: number of places - 5; curb weight - 1195 kg; gross weight - 1695 kg; maximum speed - 216 km / h; acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h - 8.5 s; fuel consumption in conventional suburban and city cycles - 6.1; 10.8 l / 100 km; fuel supply - 55 l; fuel - unleaded AI-95 gasoline. Sizes, mm: length - 4149; width - 1735; height - 1439; base - 2511; track front / rear - 1513/1494; ground clearance - 130; trunk volume - 330/1185 l; turning radius - 5.4 m. Engine: four-cylinder, in-line, with distributed injection, five valves per cylinder, two camshafts, an adjustable turbocharger and intermediate air cooling; working volume - 1781 smz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 81x86.4 mm; compression ratio - 9.5; power - 110 kW / 150 hp at 5700 rpm; maximum torque - 210 N.m at 1750 rpm. Transmission: front-wheel drive; gearbox - five-speed manual; gear ratios: I - 3.3; II - 1.94; III - 1.31; IV - 1.03; V - 0.84; zh - 3.06; final drive - 3.68. Suspension: with anti-roll bars, front - independent, such as McPherson, rear - trailing arms connected by an elastic transverse beam. Brakes: hydraulic, with vacuum booster and ABS, front - disc, ventilated, rear - disc. Steering: rack and pinion, with power steering. Tire size: 205/55 R16.


If the usual "Volkswagen Golf GTI" seems a little fresh, order yourself a "dish" sharper. For example, “Golf” from “Wolf”.

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