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Known for its scooters and cross-country motorcycles Tulamashzavod mastered the production of light single-cylinder diesel engines.

The column materials were prepared by Alexander BUDKIN, Denis BOROVITSKY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV

Diesel in Russia, especially in rural areas, where diesel fuel is sometimes the only available type of fuel, is always held in high esteem. But this applies to heavy multi-cylinder engines of trucks or low-speed tractors. Here we will talk about light motors, which are so needed by manufacturers of compact equipment - road, utility, construction. It was for her that the defense industry, Tulamashzavod, together with Vladimir State University, developed samples and produced an experimental batch (50 pcs.) Of single-cylinder diesel engines. Their refinement was entrusted to the Austrian company AVL. In the hands of experienced specialists, the diesel engine quickly approached the requirements of promising EES 2005 standards and immediately attracted the attention of domestic manufacturers of mini-cars and motor vehicles. Will their Tula diesel disappoint?

Immediately, we note that with the ecology and efficiency, the Tula engine is all right. With weight and size, too: body parts and the cylinder head are cast from aluminum alloy, the cylinder itself, of course, is cast iron. To reduce the size, a generator with a power of about 400 W was built into the flywheel, and a high-pressure fuel pump was placed inside the crankcase. As a result, "on the street" there was only a fuel pump.

Despite the fact that the body parts are made of aluminum, the motor is quite durable. Pistons manufactured by isothermal stamping and piston rings of the German company Goetze promise the engine durability. The quality of the machining of the working surface of the cylinder is controlled by special devices, and its manufacturer - YaZTA, who has long won the respect of Russian diesel engineers, is responsible for the fuel equipment.

Along with a powerful full-time fan, a motor operating in severe conditions protects an additional oil cooler or a special heat sink from overheating. The latter contacts one side with hot oil, and the other, crowned with a miniature radiator, with a stream of air. A special energy-intensive filler occupying the internal cavity of the device transfers heat. In the "northern" version, the diesel engine is equipped with a thermal heating element that runs on battery power, which quickly warms up the oil in the crankcase, preventing it from burning.

If the fastidious buyer is not satisfied with the characteristics of the base engine (its price is 750 cu), the specialists of the design center, by the way, equipped with the latest technology, will make the required adjustments to the motor design as soon as possible. You want a deformed diesel with direct fuel injection - please, a high-speed eddy-chamber is required - if you please. The refinement of metal-made motors will be carried out right there at the factory. Especially for this, a test complex was purchased from the same AVL company that allows you to simulate any engine operating conditions.

And yet, no matter how perfect the engine, poor quality components and hacky assembly can nullify all the achievements of designers. To keep the brand, the plant had to not only tighten the control of parts coming to the conveyor, but also focus the assembly process in one place. As experience has shown, this approach guarantees high quality products.