Heading materials prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKY


Ford galaxy

Ford Galaxy on the basis of Volkswagen Sharan can be attributed to the most popular mini-vans on the European continent. And, it seems, it will remain so for a long time - at the Geneva Motor Show Ford has put forward a successor to Galaxy, which is distinguished from its predecessor not only by its bright new-brand corporate design, but also by some technical innovations that have not yet been tested by the majority competitors.

To begin with, the machine can be equipped with original multimedia equipment that children will surely like - it was created primarily for computer game lovers: the image is displayed on two monitors mounted in the backs of the front seats. The system allows you to connect a stereo video recorder. Monitors are distinguished by high resolution (about 340 thousand points) and increased brightness compared to most similar video systems. So consider the picture, even if direct sunlight or glare fall on the screen, it will not be difficult. Monitors can be operated and controlled remotely independently of each other, so there should be no children quarreling in the back seat. While the child is fighting with space aliens, his mother may well be engaged in watching a video, fortunately, personal headphone outputs are provided.

And what about the head of the family? He focuses on driving. The new Galaxy is one of the first models in Europe, on which, along with the usual European mechanical, put four- and five-speed sequential automatic transmissions. There are changes in the engine: further modernization of the 2.8-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine led to an increase in power to 204 liters. with. At the same time, fuel consumption was reduced by 11%, and acceleration to "hundreds" now takes 9.9 s instead of 11.8. In the variant with this engine, the minivan is also equipped with the ESP trajectory stabilization system as standard. As before, diesel versions of Galaxy are also provided, including with a new power unit with a volume of 2.3 liters.

Technical specifications