For you and your car


The most common anti-theft in Moscow is the “shell”. Unfortunately, opening such a “garage” is as easy as opening a car,

which is stored in it.


The Italian company GT Auto Alarm proposed an unusual solution - let the “shell” protect the car, and that, in turn, protects the “shell”! In the photo there is a “rescue” set of a control module and several sensors. The GT123 module is a black box with four protruding wires: they need to be connected to the car’s security system (if there is, of course). The GT2370 magnetic sensor must be installed near the entrance to the “shell” - for example, attached to the ceiling, and the magnet attached to it should be fixed on the gate leaf. The GT2360 infrared sensor is preferably located in a corner of the room - most importantly, away from fans and heaters (see. Fig.). That's all.

The Italian gizmo works very simply. Both sensors are self-powered - a 9-volt battery. When an uninvited guest enters the room, the sensors send a signal to the control module, after which the machine starts yelling, blinking lights or complaining about a pager - it depends on how the alarm is connected. Further, everything is in the hands of the owner.

The electronic filling of the Italians looks solid - the microchip processors and all that. The installation of the control module and the tuning of your sensors on it is better to entrust to a specialist. And if you conclude an agreement with your neighbors, you can organize a whole orchestra - at the opening of one of the “shells” all the cars will scream at the same time … (However, it is unlikely that the horseless residents of nearby houses will like this.)