… The stern editor of all kinds of trials stamped his foot with the ground, frowned and ordered him to give Pajero the bright eyes - or, at worst, and. about. The eldest was away, the iO kid appeared before the editor and, stuttering from excitement, said: "Acting as Pajero, I solemnly swear …". And the editor told him: “Do not bother with your feet. Come on points. At the same time we’ll check you, ”and let's bend your fingers.

Item 1. "Proudly bear the title of This Off-Road Vehicle!"

Well, here you are, brother, enough. What “Real”, if there is no frame, no springs, no decent engine, no normal mechanical gearbox? Although, on the other hand, why the hell do you need all this if you are “and.” about."? For episodic attacks in the pampas, powerful spars will be quite enough, which in strength will not yield to any frame. Spring suspension on the pavement is much nicer springs. The motor is small, only 1.6 liters and 104 "horses"? So after all, the machine is small. An “automatic” is more necessary for such a motor than another multi-liter monster with a “tractor” moment. In general, let's see the powertrain in action.

Here's what you can’t take away, it’s a completely adult Super Select transmission, which not every “real” one can boast of. Here it’s just rear-wheel drive (2H), and full with a front axle connected via viscous coupling (4H), and full with a rigid connection of both axles (4HLc), and the same with a lower gear in the gearbox (4LLc). Moreover, a preliminary stop is needed only in the latter case, all other modes can be turned on and off on the go. And in position 2H, a special clutch separates the front left axle shaft from the front, so that it is not necessary to twist the front transmission branch in vain, burning excess fuel.

Item 2. "To please the eye of the owner, to love and protect him, his friends and friends of his friends!"

Well done, I do not argue - you are happy. Okay and muscular, the breed is visible. And he looks like an older one! And I didn’t lie about love - I opened the wide door, very handy I put the handle on the front desk, I took it into the saddle … Yes, I could have taken it a little softer. A harsh little saddle. And from the sides it is not very hard to hold. Maybe over time it will come to its shape?

Silvery, embossed, soft plastic lining in front and on the doors - just a sight for sore eyes. Such embossing so on the steering wheel, so as not to slip in the hands, like soap. Yes, add height adjustment … With your appliances, it seems, have been overdone. Typically, the dials are lighter than the background, or at least the same. You have exactly the opposite - blue circles in a bright field. A radio with four speakers, a CD player, electric windows and mirrors … The lights in the cabin are like in a photo studio: two common ones, front and rear, and two navigational lamps; three "glove compartment" - cool you, baby, out of years. Still, the inner mirror would be slightly larger, otherwise you can see in it only two rear head restraints.

What was said there about “protect”? Ta-ak, ABS, height-adjustable belts, bars in the doors, two front and two side airbags. We will not check: I believe - you will save.

Friends, of course, also need to love, but with analysis. Say, the one on the right is tight, almost like a master. Ah, a couple more? Sorry, there will not be enough love for all reckless. Make your way back, sit modestly with your legs tucked in, and rejoice that you are not walking. You can even adjust the split back. But do not get carried away, behind it is a place for the master's purse, it is called the trunk. As much as 104 liters! By the way, under the boot floor is such a convenient compartment for all kinds of pumps, jacks, tools.

Point 3. “To endure all hardships and hardships on and off the road!”

For starters, you try to bear me, and I will arrange for you hardships and hardships. Yeah, I'm sitting high, looking far away. The motor is quiet and unobtrusive. The steering wheel is light and moderately informative - convenient for parking and a quiet ride. However, if you add a short base, rear-wheel drive and asphalt covered with snow porridge, you get a rather sharp dish - the gourmet will enjoy it, but others, in a hurry, may choke. Insurance against indigestion - an automatic transmission, more precisely, its inherent delay, allowing you to change your mind on time.

Potholes, you say, all sorts of mounds and other tram tracks? And what for us! It shakes, of course, but in moderation and without breakdowns, although the suspension is quite soft and the speed is rather big. And if gazku? Having jerked down when shifting a couple of gears and blowing up to 6, 500 rpm, the kid rushes forward gamblingly. Wow! Sound, enthusiasm, adrenaline - everything is there. Speakers would still add - and everything would become tip-top. Although we will be fair - we regularly left the traffic lights first.

And here you have the promised hardships - a cross-country track and a virgin snowy field with a depth of twenty centimeters. Our rubber is not the worst - the universal "Yokohama Geolender", so we connect the front axle and … fly the entire route on the move. An interesting movie: it’s still cross-country. Although there are no prolonged climbs, the suspension allows you to not slow down either in the pits or on the jumps. And one more time? And one more time, and more … And now in the virgin lands, in a cloud of snow dust! That's where to learn turns in a controlled and not very drift. Well, you're a hammer, "and. about."!

The brow of the editor brightened, he wiped the sweat of labor:

- Well, Pajero iO, you passed the exam successfully. What he swore - he did almost everything. And if so, then you have nothing to be "and. about.". I call you in my own name - "Pinin." So at the customs, and you say, when in April you arrive for permanent residence. Yes, how much money is being asked for you?

- That was $ 23, 500, but I don’t know how much it will be.

- Well, well, run, naughty man.

Mitsubishi Pajero IO / "> Mitsubishi Pajero IO 1.6

(in brackets - data from Mitsubishi Pinin 1.8 GDI

General data: number of places - 4; curb weight - 1235 (1250) kg; gross weight - 1625 kg; maximum speed - 145 (168) km / h; acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h - n. d. (10.2) s; fuel consumption in conventional suburban and city cycles - n. d. (7.8 / 11.2) l / 100 km; fuel supply - 53 l; fuel - unleaded AI-95 gasoline. Construction: supporting body with developed spars. Sizes, mm: length - 3675 (3735); width - 1680 (1695); height - 1700 (1695); base - 2280; track front / rear - 1435/1445; ground clearance - 200; trunk volume - 104 l; turning radius - 4.9 m. Engine: four-cylinder in-line, four valves per cylinder, distributed injection (direct injection into GDI cylinders), is located longitudinally in front; working volume - 1584 (1834) smz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 76.0x87.3 (81.0x89.0) mm; compression ratio - 9.5 (12.0); power - 75 (90) kW / 104 (122) l. with. at 6000 (5250) rpm; maximum torque - 135 (174) N.m at 3500 rpm. Transmission: all-wheel drive (Super Select type) with a switchable front axle, interaxle viscous clutch and low gear in the transfer case; gearbox - automatic four-speed; gear ratios: I - 2.83; II - 1.49; III - 1.00; IV - 0.73; h. x - 2.7; main transfers - 4.88; transfer case: I - 1.00; II - 1.55. Suspension: front - independent, such as "McPherson" with anti-roll bar, rear - dependent spring on four longitudinal and one transverse (Panhard) rods. Brakes: hydraulic with a vacuum booster and ABS, front - ventilated disc, rear - drum. Steering: rack and pinion with power steering. Tire size: 215 / 65R16.

Lightweight steering wheel, energy-intensive suspension, effective brakes, rich transmission capabilities, good off-road qualities, nice interior, high passive safety, rich equipment.

Not quite a successful dashboard design, slippery steering wheel, not very comfortable seats, cramped legroom, a small trunk, limited visibility through an internal mirror.

If every “and.” Also faithfully fulfilled his “about.”, As the little “Pajero” does, then everyone would have long been approved in new posts.

The editors thank

Nicole Motors company