Children and the road


More than ten years

On the banks of the Neva there is a children's safety center Avtograd, where children are taught to survive on city streets.


The cast-iron gates swung open and I found myself on a cobblestone street. Having measured the carriageway in two steps, he stepped on a narrow sidewalk and buried his nose in a dwarf traffic light. He backed up, looked around, and was stunned. Everything around: a bus stop, and a flowerbed in the road ring, and street markings, and signs - absolutely everything, except for the house towering above the toy city, was unusually small.

Welcome to the fairy tale! The woman who came out onto the porch waved my hand, inviting me into the house. While Elena Ivanovna Svakhchyan, the permanent director of the St. Petersburg children's center Avtograd, was pouring cups of coffee, I turned the pages of a chubby photo album.

- Children's injuries on the roads are very high. So we decided to create a center for child safety, to teach children how to behave on the road and, do not be surprised, how to drive a car, ”commented Elena Ivanovna. - After all, a child who has driven a car will no longer run in front of a moving car, but will cross the street, as it should. We teach children not to be afraid of the road, but to respect the Rules and participants in the movement.

“Can the kids really drive a real car?”

- Of course not. For small drivers, we have special cars, but also with gasoline engines. Interestingly, both children and their parents like the mini. Only guys are crazy about copies of race cars, and moms and dads prefer retro. But we take part in races and competitions and make runs on real “Samaras” donated by the city administration. They organized the Security Academy, where for three years the guys have studied traffic rules, a car, driving, fire safety rules, and are learning how to provide first aid. The program includes the basics of computer literacy, the psychology of communication, law.

It turned out that classes at Avtograd are free, so there are so many who wish to study here. Alas, they are not able to take all the center. They are looking for ways out: they conduct field classes in kindergartens and elementary schools located in areas that are particularly unfavorable for the road environment. Seriously thinking about expanding. A project is already ready, in which there was a place even for a museum of automotive technology. However, to move from paper to brick, you need money, but, alas, they do not. But Avtograd does not lose hope, because once it was generally started from scratch.