Heading materials prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKY


Volvo FH 12

The advent of the 1993 FH heavy-duty truckless truck series marked the beginning of a new phase in the company's history for Volvo. When developing these machines, Volvo specialists approached not only the design, ergonomics, but also the production technology itself. The experiment turned out to be extremely successful: nowadays more than one hundred thousand FH “beskapotniki” are rolled out on the roads of the whole world. A few months after the debut, the models were awarded the honorary title “International Truck of the Year”, and at the recent Amsterdam Auto Show, FH was awarded this title for the second time.

However, Volvo claims that the new FH is significantly different from its ancestor. Externally, a novice can be identified only by the white diffusers of direction indicators and the chrome emblem on the radiator grille, but its "filling" is really changed. Judge for yourself: the machine is equipped with modernized engines of the D12C series, which are distinguished by less vibration and friction losses than on their predecessors. This is a guarantee of higher reliability, not to mention the reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust toxicity. Twelve-liter engines of four options - with capacity from 340 to 460 liters. with. with a maximum torque of 1700 to 2200 N.m. Those who prefer more power, Volvo still offers a sixteen-liter engine, developing depending on the modification of 470 or 520 liters. with.

The range of mechanical gearboxes was supplemented by three new ones, one of which is equipped with an accelerating gear. Their main advantage is a half-reduced force for shifting gears. In addition, an automatic electronically controlled Powertronic gearbox is provided, which has now acquired the function of manual gear shifting and is equipped with a retarder.

Like most modern trucks, the FH is literally packed with electronics. Electronic devices in the transmission and chassis allow you to set three different crankshaft rotational speeds for power take-off or to set the platform at the level of the loading and unloading flyover. In addition, the machine is equipped with electronically controlled disc brakes.

Continuing the already established tradition, the Volvo FH Series demonstrates a high level of comfort both on the road and in the parking lot. The truck is produced with four types of cabs - from short daytime to a spacious Globotter XL with a floor-to-ceiling height of 210 cm and two berths. It remains to mention a wide range of options, including truck tractors, timber trucks and dump trucks.