Heading materials prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKY


Toyota RAV4

Japanese Toyota occupies the third place in the world in terms of production, annually producing about 5 million 400 thousand cars. For many years, the company is the undisputed leader in Japan, where it owns more than 40% of the market, and it is also successful in the foreign market. Almost a tenth of cars sold in the USA and Canada are Toyota brands. In Europe, she also feels more than confident. Not so long ago, following the recognition of Toyota-Yaris as the "Car of 2000", the VVT-i series liter engine, recognized as the "Engine of the Year", was also awarded.

Last but not least, the success of the company on the continent was facilitated by the appearance in 1994 of the all-wheel drive car “RAV4”. By the summer of this year, Toyota will begin selling its updated version, which promises to be a bestseller.

First of all, we note a different appearance of the new “RAV4”, thanks to which the car in the three-door, and especially in the five-door version looks much more solid than its predecessor. To match the changing image and interior. The obsolete instrument panel has been replaced by a new, more modern and elegant. The front seats are noteworthy. The design of their head restraints, the backrest and the mechanism for adjusting its inclination includes the WIL system that prevents injuries if the Toyota, as they say, “catches up” with the car coming from behind. According to the company, the new interior is more spacious than any of the competitors in its class.

As before, in the arsenal of RAV4 there is a two-liter gasoline engine, the power of which was increased to 110 kW / 149 hp, as well as permanent all-wheel drive and, if desired, an automatic transmission. Less affluent customers are offered a 1.8 liter engine. In this version, the owner (or, rather, the mistress) of the RAV4 will have to be content with a front-wheel drive and a “manual” gearbox.

Technical specifications

Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and working volume - 4x16x1798 cmz; net power - 92 kW / 125 l. with. at 6000 rpm; maximum torque - 161 N.m at 4000 rpm. The gearbox is a 5-speed manual. Body - 5-seater