Bentley Arnage RED LABEL

Heading materials prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKY

With the automobile brand "Bentley" wealth and luxury, aristocracy, loyalty to English traditions are always associated. Naturally, the manufacturer is doing everything possible to strengthen the image of the brand "for the elite." The release of cars of various series by a very limited "circulation" helps to a considerable extent. A vivid example of this is the Bentley Arnage Red Label - a luxury sedan based on the Arnage - Rolls-Royce Silver Seraf double, which debuted in 1998.

The birth of this model is closely related to the transfer of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley brands to BMW and Volkswagen. The fact is that the “Silver Seraf” was originally designed with an eye on the BMW engine. Its motors also stand in the Arnage Green Label, which appeared shortly after it. However, the transition of “Bentley” under the patronage of “Volkswagen” called into question the receipt of Bavarian engines, and it was urgent to prepare a backup version. A modified classic English G8 was chosen as it - far from new Bentley models - Continental and Azur - are equipped with it.

So in the Bentley program, the Arnage Red Label appeared with a V-shaped eight of 6.75 liters under the hood, designed to console the enthusiastic brand fans, who lacked the longevity of the Bavarian 4.4-liter engine.

The calculation turned out to be correct - orders for the Red Label literally fell. Despite the unpretentious design of the English V-8 with two valves per cylinder and one Garrett turbocharger (all this at a gigantic fuel consumption), customers actually boycotted the Arnage Green Label with a modern 32-valve engine and two BMW turbochargers, which became overnight "enemy". Even the outdated General Motors automatic transmission on the Red Label did not alienate brand admirers from it. The rest of the Red Label is not much different from the previous modification of Arnage. The exception is perhaps “upholstered furniture”: the car has seats of a different shape, so that the already comfortable interior was made even more spacious.