Ford SVT Mustang COBRA R


"Mustang" is rightly considered one of the American automobile legends. Having appeared in 1964, he became one of the founders of a whole class of sports warehouse cars, the popularity of which has not waned to this day. It is curious that more than 93, 000 parents bought their children’s pedal copy of the Mustang before Christmas 1964.

Until now, under this name, the company continues to produce more and more new models, the last of which is the brainchild of the Ford Special Vehicle Team.

Just a glance at the heroic hood, the wing and the side pipes of the exhaust system of the Mustang SVT exhaust system are enough to feel its enormous potential. The previous generation of the Mustang SVT was equipped with a modified version of the 4.6-liter eight-cylinder modular engine, while in the new machine it was not without difficulty that the engine from the giant Lincoln Navigator was placed. Before taking a place under the hood of the Mustang, the standard engine is dismantled, new pistons, connecting rods, and also the head of the unit with an improved cooling system are installed. Power is enough for the drive wheels to leave black stripes on the asphalt even after the car overcomes the milestone of 100 km / h!

The Mustang remains true to the classic layout: the six-speed manual transmission Tremek, which can also be found on the Viper and Aston-Martin DB7, transmits the moment to the rear wheels. Suspension components mainly came from the production car, except, perhaps, Aybah springs and Bilstein shock absorbers. It took intervention in the braking system: Mustang ventilated discs Brembo were installed on all wheels of the Mustang.

And what about the salon? It is devoid of any elements of luxury. Placed in the Recaro sports seat, there is nothing to be distracted: to reduce the weight of the car and achieve optimal handling, the designers had to take drastic measures - dismantle the back seat, air conditioning, and even the audio system.

Technical specifications