Our acquaintance with “SOBOL 4x4” GAZ 2752 7


All-wheel drive "Gazelle" is not yet met often, but this is far from exotic. Now four-wheel drive is trying on her offspring - "Sable."


Frankly, the possibilities of the Gazelles of the rogue turned out to be very modest. There were reasons for this: the huge rear overhang and gable wheels did not at all improve the “all-terrain” car. “Sable” with all the drive wheels would look much more rational. But why - “would”? Such a machine is already being tested.

At first glance, the car does not make the impression of a sort of conqueror of the "pampas". The usual "Sable" is a combi, except that it is slightly raised, but with a kangaroo in the face. Meanwhile, a lot of changes were made to the design.

To begin with, the car lost an independent front suspension. The front axle is suspended on the front springs, almost the same as on the Gazelle 4x4. The difference is in the hub units, the wheels are “sable”. On the go, the dependent spring suspension manifests itself as more noticeable shaking. This is the price of being able to ride not only on the road. Maneuverability also suffered. The turning radius of the all-wheel drive "Sable" is 6.6 meters. True, it is assumed that by installing front shock absorbers differently (it is they that limit the angle of rotation of the wheels), reduce the radius by half a meter. The rear shock absorbers are not installed here as on the base model. Now they are brought out of the frame side members and work in more favorable conditions.

The transfer case is the same as on the all-wheel drive "gazelles", only its fastening has been changed - this has reduced noise. By the way, they plan to transfer the innovation to “Gazelle” itself - so to speak, “you to me, I to you”. There are other differences in the transmission. For example, the four-wheel-drive fellow differs from the usual “Sable” in the final drive gear ratio (5.125 versus 4.55), and from the all-wheel drive “Gazelle” - in the length of the driveshaft.

The engine is the usual "sable" ZMZ-4063.10 with a carburetor. By order, it will be possible to install a diesel GAZ-560, which is likely to be very useful. With the engine of the “four hundred and sixth” family “Sable” is quite good on the highway, but on the side of the road this engine is by no means the optimal solution. However, it all depends on what is considered the all-wheel drive “Sable” - a gloomy rogue like the UAZ “loaf” or a road car with all-wheel drive. In our opinion, so far something has turned out average. Off-road “Sable” behaves much more confidently than the same “Gazelle 4x4”. It is shorter, it has a better mass distribution along the axles, the single-wheel rear wheels go along the front track, without creating additional resistance. Plus, a powerful spring suspension, toothed tires, and if also diesel … Before us is a portrait of an all-terrain vehicle.

At the same time, a comfortable, convenient interior, good conditions for the driver, power steering, a fairly nimble gasoline engine, clear and predictable behavior on slippery roads and relatively modest ground clearance - why not a highway car?

Impressions from the trip only confirmed the duality of the "sable" nature. On the highway, the car went easily, without much effort, spinning the extra gears. "Sable" as "Sable", only shakes harder, but the power steering was not the best.

On the lane - the same order. Where the rear-wheel drive fellow, slipping once, would have kneaded snow before the tractor arrived, our hero, gently rolling over on potholes, confidently walked forward.

Well, now on the virgin lands! Here, "Sable" is more difficult. The wide and low crankcase of the front axle gear clings to the earth's firmament. Not too angry universal tires K-153 sometimes pass. "Four hundred and sixth" motor asks for mercy or at least a low gear. And still the animal does not give up - creeps! He even managed to turn around in a cargo track and get back onto the road.

So what do we have? Comfort for the driver and passengers, a wide selection of cargo, passenger and combined bodies (all-wheel drive, like the Gazelle, is possible for all modifications), good driving performance on the highway, and adaptability to broken, slippery, country roads. Off-road qualities? Let's refrain from evaluating them for now. Who prevents us from comparing Sable with its domestic and foreign opponents over time?