Review of rare and tuning models of VAZ and GAZ.


Born in Togliatti. Rare VAZ models are divided into three groups. The first one included cars manufactured by the plant itself using the pilot industrial production (OPP). Its most massive model is the VAZ 2131, known as the five-door Niva. VAZ 2120 is a Russian minivan, the attractiveness of which greatly spoils the price. VAZ 2110 8, extended "ten", created to be rare. She succeeds so successfully that even the prices in Tolyatti and Moscow are the same - obviously, due to lack of demand.

Here, in the OPP, machines with rotary piston engines (RPD) are still being made. VAZ 2108, VAZ 2109 and VAZ 2109 9 / "> VAZ 21099 are equipped with 140-horsepower engines. The price of models with the prefix" 091 "to the index is only 20% higher than that of piston counterparts.

The second group includes cars of VAZ subsidiaries, Bronto, Motorika, and Spar firms. A rather big difference in price compared to the base models, obviously, is bought by the new qualities of the machines. The most prominent representatives: VAZ 2121 8 “Handicap”, an elongated 300 mm version of the serial “Niva”; VAZ 2110 6 - “ten” with the Opel engine, sports box and reinforced suspension; VAZ 2104 5, station wagon with a diesel engine of Barnaul production.

In the third group we will reduce production cars that have undergone refinement. The number of possible options is not calculable. Here, there is also a plastic trim around the perimeter of the machine, and chip tuning of the injection, and engine boosting, etc. We give two examples. The wealthy owner of the Niva will be offered to install a Peugeot diesel, the volume is 1.9 liters, the power is 62 liters. with. Production time - 2 months. The cost of work is $ 6, 000. For three days, the TorgMash company accelerates the Tens engine to 110 liters in three days. with. The cost of work is 23, 000 rubles.

Not just Volga. The main difference between Nizhny Novgorod tuning from Tolyatti is a more careful attitude to the original. Apparently, considering that there is nothing to improve in the classic form of the sedan, the Volga body was left alone, focusing on the units.

The contribution of the plant to a variety of gamut is limited to the release of several complete sets of machines. But the equipment (and price) of factory models turn pale against the backdrop of the splendor of the Volga Nizhny Novgorod tuning firms Technoservice, Seagull-Service, Swallow-NN and others! Here you can make an order for the manufacture of a new car (or re-equipment of an old one) in any configuration. The table shows the prices of the converted cars, below - the cost of the actual work and units.

The main (or, in any case, the most noticeable) direction is the installation of an imported power unit. If you consider your Volga worthy of a 3.4-liter 205-horsepower V-shaped Toyota Toyota six and an automatic transmission, prepare about 350 thousand rubles. We agree on a smaller one - the 152-horsepower “four” of the same Toyota company and a mechanical transmission - keep within 220 thousand. About the same amount will cost a Japanese diesel.

Quite a long time ago another foreigner received a residence permit under the wide “Volgovskiy” hood - “Rover”. Several companies offer to transplant an English heart (2 liters, 136 liters. From) together with an imported box for 220-300 thousand rubles.

It is gratifying that domestic units compete with foreign units. Many tuning studios are ready to supply modern ZMZ engines with a volume of 2.3 to 2.7 liters and a capacity of 150-165 liters. with. The price of the modification pleasantly surprises against the backdrop of the Anglo-Japanese rivals - 25–35 thousand rubles. By the way, installing a new engine on your car, you can count on some compensation for the old unit.