Another seat test. VAZ and Moskvich - not so much a loss, but certainly not a victory.


Remember the days when the VAZ 2107 was the last peep of car fashion? Still - a sparkling radiator grill, additional punching on the hood and, of course, as they were called then, ergonomic seats. Today, the VAZ "seven" will not surprise anyone. Her tinsel shine faded - even the radiator grille now does not shine. But the seats with integrated head restraints are still different from all the VAZ brothers. Moreover, this class of seats is popular not only in Russia - it has adherents everywhere. The combination of sports style with solidity and reliability attracts many. Experts also claim that models with an integrated headrest in the back are more comfortable, modern and safe. Check it out?


Unfortunately, domestic factories cannot boast of a variety of monolithic backs. The hit of this season is still the same - the familiar Seven seat. It is also the most massive. During the tests, the VAZ product company was made up of Moskvich JSC product - a seat for Svyatogor and other capital-made cars with big names. It is replicated in a much smaller amount, but still sufficient to participate in the test. The foreign counterpart, the SR model of the German company Recaro, fought with the Russian duet. All samples are new, purchased in stores with a spotless, seemingly, reputation, were not used before the test.

We note right away - we did not find fault with trifles and did not catch fleas. The chairs passed one, but probably the most important exam - they checked their compliance with safety standards, and more precisely, the requirements of UNECE rules 17-04. Those who did not have time to get acquainted with the previous test of seats (ЗР, 2000, No. 4) or simply forgotten, briefly recall the test methodology.

First, size control - as you know, the geometry of the chair is strictly regulated. The next step is torture with a static load. It consists of two stages. First, a moment of 37.3 daNm is applied to the back, then with the help of a spherical model of the head, the force creating the moment of 37.3 daNm is also transmitted to the headrest. In this case, the movement of the latter should be no more than 102 mm. The second stage - without removing the preload from the back, increase the load on the headrest. Safety standards will be met if the seat withstands 89 daN. This is the completion of the test according to UNECE regulations. We go further - we will squeeze the samples to a break. Thus the champion comes to light, and knowing the margin of safety is not at all harmful. You will find the test results in the table, in words we add the following.


The shape of the VAZ seat is what you need - there are no complaints about geometry. Moreover, the headrest is clearly marked with E2 in a circle and a group of numbers according to all the laws of the genre - we respect, they say, and carry out the first group of amendments to international rules. Now, however, the amendments are fresher, but the armchair in size fits into modern requirements. Why find fault with the stigma? A lot is also written on the fence, but if you look closely, only wooden boards. Let's see how things are with durability. What can I say, well … mmm … fulfills. Such, you know, E2, in general, barely. The standard is 89 daN, and the seat broke at 90 daN. But how - the back is deformed, it stands awry. Okay, we will not recall the measurement error, the human factor in summing up the results of the experiment, and the spread in quality in production. We will support the domestic manufacturer and put it “set off". But, men, fear God, it’s impossible to do so - quite on the verge of a foul. Moreover, they failed on the previous test (ЗР, 2000, No. 4). By the way, we did not wait for an official response on measures to strengthen the seatback of the VAZ 2109. I would like to receive information on this topic, but at the same time on related models of seats - VAZ 2108, 21213. However, we recall the next participant in the test.


The Svyatora seats are comfortable, no doubt, and the owners of the offspring of the “forty-first” “Muscovites” will confirm this. The plastic on the back of the pillow is also very appropriate. It will protect the back of a person from injury if luggage comes into motion. Strength complies with the standards, and the stock is also considerable. Neither give nor take - a champion chair! But for some reason everything does not happen smoothly and without surprises - the head restraint in height does not reach the requirements of the current rules of 35 mm. And the colors of the upholstery are too mattress-playful, it does not seem like something to mass production. The stool was dismantled and conducted an investigation - it’s good there is someone to consult with. We found out the following - similar seats have recently passed certification. There are no comments. The origin of our sample is the mystery of the seven seals. Colorful textiles look like "left." But all the elements of the frame and foam padding are branded. Moreover, a number of details are fresh, and a number have been released for a long time. Welding is performed roughly, so in a series it is not customary to do. The question is, the leftist is secretly collected at the factory and quietly taken out or first dragged in components, collected somewhere in the barn and then - straight to the store on fake invoices? What, father, are they still stealing in Russia? They steal, mother, steal! And JSC Moskvich, it seems, is no exception.

Sorry, so sorry. If the craft from the original components in terms of strength complies with the standards, then the company seat and the rest should be at the level. It’s even more offensive if, defending the honor of the uniform, they certify one thing, but, alas, they sell quite another. The plan, you know, is a rush, the second shift, etc. In any case, it is not for you and me to seek a way to combat evil.


And then, finally, Recaro. The cheapest in the range produced by the company, although by our standards $ 460 is a lot of money. But that's not the point. From the instructions already in nine languages ​​it follows that its frame is certified in … 1989. Before us is a time-tested, very convenient model that more than covers the current standards. Safety margin more than double. All - comments are obviously redundant.

To summarize. During the two-episode sciatic epic, we tested seven car seats. Of these, five are domestic and two are foreign. Both are foreigners with an integrated headrest and a retractable leader. As for ours, without reservations, discounts and playing on the verge of a foul, only GAZ with a model 3110 adequately performed.

For some reason, it is customary for us to divide manufacturers into domestic and foreign ones. Some, of course, it is necessary to support, others … The author, in my heart an incorrigible internationalist, offers another gradation - producers of quality goods and scammers. As regards the seats, GAZ can be safely attributed to the first and, as they say, support. As for the rest of ours, so far we will refrain from offers.

1. Recaro geometry measurements - no complaints.

2. The seat of the VAZ 2107 after testing - the back is awry.

3. The Svyatogor’s seat lasted a long time, but as a result - a deformed frame and …