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The column materials were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


Before giving a ticket to life, a new car is blown away by the wind and frozen in the cold, fried under an artificial sun and shrouded in salt fog.

A new car is forced to measure hundreds (thousands?) Of laps at the test site, risking to spot it before the deadline in the automotive media and in the eyes of competitors. So they came up with a new running stand at FIAT.

It looks nothing unusual: four treadmills - by the number of wheels and a computer that controls the modes. That's just these modes have become as close as possible to reality. To begin with, a car standing still can be “accelerated” to 230 km / h! At the same time, create such resistance to the rotation of the drive wheels to exhaust the power of any motor. Moreover, “on the go” you can twist the steering wheel so that the room will hear the most real rubber screech. The drums will obediently turn around with the steered wheels at 20 °.