“Oops!” The beloved child joyfully uttered, and a pink puddle of “McDonald's” cocktail spread over the fleecy upholstery of the back seat. Last time it was a cola, and before that - cherry juice, melted chocolate, fresh currants from the cottage and God knows what else. No, either this child should be taken to an educational home, or one should be philosophical about turning the machine into a garbage can.

“Calm, Galya, calmly, ” I told myself. “You know very well that there will be neither one nor the other.” Take a brush in your hands, a detergent - and … ".

No result! That is, the coating, where there were no spots, was, of course, cleaner. But the spots themselves appeared with all hopeless distinctness. Well, it's time to go to the auto dry cleaning.

How many car washes offer such a service! Let's go to the nearest one - in some kind of car fleet. The price of cleaning is from 150 rubles. Technology, like mine, homegrown: they put detergent on the seats, and - with a vacuum cleaner. And the tool - for carpets, exactly the way I tried to clean my worn-out beauty!

At another, more decent car wash, they said that they can clean without stain remover for 150 rubles, and with a stain remover - from 200. But they won’t give a guarantee that the upholstery will retain its color. The prospect for the money to get a car with whitish spots on the seat did not appeal. No, all the same in vain I reject the educational house!

Returning, I sat down on the phone. I found out that four well-known foreign companies are represented in our market, producing various means for protecting the body, polishing, and dry cleaning the car and equipping specialized services. These are 3M, Vaxoil, Sonax and the recently appeared Siebart. All services that use their funds offer approximately the same set of services for a similar price - $ 10–25. It inspired confidence with what details they told me about the technology, about the compositions used, about guarantees. Having chosen according to the principle “where is closer to home and more pleasant”, I went to the dealer of the American company Zibart.

And I realized what a modern dry cleaning salon is.

First, everything was treated with a dry vacuum cleaner, then it was washed with a deep cleaning (such a huge, loud buzzing monster). After that, an aerosol was applied from the spray can to the chairs and rugs, and after ten minutes they rubbed it with brushes into the coating. Especially “harmful” spots were removed with a stain remover (while reassuring that if it doesn’t help, they have a more potent one - it does not take only stubborn ink, paint and acid). They treated the upholstery with some miraculous solution, thanks to which it will not get dirty. They said that if now something spills, it will be enough to get wet with a napkin - and no trace!

And finally, “finished off”: politely asked what deodorant to process the interior. With a lemon smell? Needles? Vanilla I chose a lemon and watched for twenty minutes, buzzing, soaking the seats with a special extract, the machine …