getting ready to give a light to competitors.


When I arrived at the Omsk Tire Plant, a new workshop was just launched here - the repair shop. “Have they stopped buying new tires?” Asked Andrey Kuzmin, technical director. “The new ones are taken in such a way that we do not keep up with demand. Which month the plan is overfulfilled by 15-20 percent! He objected. - A tire repair is another step to the customer. He wants - let him buy the restored one for 400 rubles. With a guarantee for a year and a half or 15 thousand km. He doesn’t want to - here, please, a new one for 1200 … ”Interestingly, even eight years ago, most Russian plants stopped repairing tires - it was unprofitable, and now the Omsk tire even advertises this service on local television. Other times: if you do not have time to occupy a free niche in the market - write in vain, overtake a competitor.

However, about the competition a little later. Now a little about how the tire factory was "born" in Omsk. "Birth" was not easy - in winter, in Siberia, at the very height of World War II in 1942 (army equipment needed tires). Equipment for the plant arrived on trains from Leningrad and Yaroslavl - it was unloaded directly into an open field, in deep snow. Then the main building of the plant had only walls, inside there were snowdrifts. At the site - no running water, no electricity. But in just three months, the construction was completed, and the first tire factory in the east of the country began to work.

Now in Omsk they make more than seven dozen models of tires. For tractors, trucks, cars, motorcycles and bicycles - "rag" and metal cord, radial and diagonal. Each year, a dozen new models appear - in the last three years, more have been mastered than in the entire history of the plant.

For example, this year the release of the "wide" tire 185 / 65R13 for Samara is scheduled. Another Omsk novelty is the 205 / 70R15 tire. It is designed for one of VAZ’s latest developments, the Niva, model 2123. Especially for the new Volga GAZ 3111, the Omsk plant prepared a tire of dimension 205 / 65R15.

Siberian tire manufacturers are also invading the tire market for foreign cars. Particular attention to the most popular cars in our country is the Daewoo. For Nexia, Damas and Tiko will be released 185 / 65R14 and 155 / 70R12. In addition, they buy modern equipment to produce tires of the highest category, which is not a shame to put on the most chic limousine.

“Now is a great time for development, ” said A. Kuzmin. - Demand is growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s clear - trucks began to make more, transportation increased. But you can’t relax. I think that we have no more than a year left to use the money earned during the crisis to re-equip production. If we don’t have time, the ruble will gain strength again and foreign competitors will give us a light.

The struggle for the market is not only with foreigners, but also with compatriots, and the struggle is not easy. It is good that the Sibur holding took the Omsk plant under its guardianship and today supplies tire workers with good raw materials. Today, Omskshina is in fourth place in tire production in Russia. (And if you take into account the volumes of the Matador-Omsk joint venture, then on the third.) Although back in 1998 the plant was only on the seventh step.