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The column materials were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


Every car enthusiast knows the 4x4 wheel formula: four wheels - all driving. With its Quadrasteer (tm) steering, Delphi has given it a new meaning.

Indeed, "according to Delfay" this means: four wheels and all … steered. Actually, the rear-wheel-drive although exotic, but far from new: remember at least some models of the Mazda and Honda. Here, however, a special case: a purely electric steering is offered for the rear axle of full-size all-terrain vehicles and pickups. So we really get the new formula (4x4) 2!

At the Detroit Auto Show, the premiere of the new in the GMC Terradine concept car took place. And in May, any company interested in installing it could buy the system. What is the highlight of the invention?

The electronic control system rotates the rear wheels depending on two parameters - the angle of rotation of the front wheels and the speed of the car. And in different ways. A typical algorithm is visible on the graph. At 70–80 km / h, the car behaves as usual, but with a decrease in speed, the rear wheels begin to turn more and more actively in the opposite direction relative to the front wheels. Now the bulky jeep is easy to park or deploy: the second diagram shows the turning radius of the most popular models and what it will become when equipped with the Quadrastir. “Two big differences” are striking. That, however, is not all. Heavy off-road vehicles are often used to tow trailers. With “Quadrastir”, the latter much more clearly repeat the trajectory of the tractor, and reversing maneuvers become elementary simple!