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The column materials were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


The Visteon company “invented the bicycle” - it turns out that there are still “white spots” in the heating and cooling system studied to the finer points.

The engine must work in a certain thermal mode - this is well known. And although modern injection engines seem to allow you to start moving immediately after start-up, this does not have a beneficial effect on their resource, not to mention emissions to the environment. Studies conducted by experts of the General German Automobile Club - ADAC, revealed that at the beginning of the trip, the cold engine of a passenger car devours up to 40 l / 100 km! True, in a kilometer the instantaneous consumption is halved, but only by the fifth verst can we talk about figures close to those advertised. The problem of rapid warming became even more acute with the advent of more efficient engines, especially diesel engines. How, pray tell, warm such a motor to operating temperature? And if outside there is a severe frost and a trembling driver also turned on the heater?

The Visteon company, which had not previously dealt with this subject, found an original way out - to use the uselessly lost heat of exhaust gases. It is their temperature in a matter of seconds after starting that reaches hundreds of degrees, but this hot stream … flies into the pipe!