Kia Carens 1.8


Cars of this type are gaining more and more recognition in Europe, and the Korean company already offers here minivans “Carnival”, “Joyce”, and now one of its latest innovations - “Karen”. This is the most compact and affordable minivan in the KIA lineup, able to play both the role of a family car and a workhorse in small private firms. The novelty was created on the basis of the Klarus model, which appeared in Europe in 1996 and, in turn, inherited many units from the Mazda-626.

Six-seater minivan is equipped with an engine of 110 liters. sec., which allows the car to compete with the “golf class” models - acceleration to “hundreds” takes 11.3 s, and the maximum speed reaches 185 km / h, while the average fuel consumption does not exceed 8.5 l / 100 km. The Karen’s handling is also comparable to passenger cars, as it is equipped with McPherson type front and rear suspensions, all-wheel disc brakes, a four-channel anti-lock braking system and a variable performance power steering.

It is significant that in the production of the Karens body by KIA, for the first time, technologies and materials were used, a couple of years ago only available to leading European and American automobile companies. Just one example: the body of a minivan is designed using computer systems and approximately 30% consists of expensive high-strength steels. The result was not slow to affect not only manageability, but also passive safety, which was confirmed by a series of crash tests. The designers took into account the likelihood of injuries to children and the elderly due to the excessively quick reaction of the airbags. In Karen’s, new, “intelligent” pillows can be installed that open 15–20% less actively if the speed in a collision does not exceed 40 km / h.

As for comfort, here the Koreans traditionally offer more for the same money than their European opponents. At a price of about 15 thousand dollars, the car is equipped with air conditioning, tinted windows, a CD player, electric drives of all glasses, exterior mirrors with electric and heating, and much more.