Fleet ZR


It has been exactly sixty days since

as we saw in the store two "Oka". And bought them

and checked and received sight …

Alexander BUDKIN,


WARRANTY - A GOOD GIVEN ABOVE. The main mistake of the beginning “shackle” may be the refusal to comply with the warranty rules. This happens when the happy owner of a new car, for forgetfulness or understanding, is not in the prescribed interval (from 2 to 3 thousand km) for the first scheduled maintenance. A guarantee on the Oka is a useful thing! Rarely comes across a car whose owner has nothing to fix in the allotted time for it. Our experimental subjects, having traveled 7, 000 km, visited the guarantee twice. On the KAMAZ car (green), the left tie rod end was replaced, the exhaust system was adjusted, the camshaft gear bolt was fastened (!), The spare part mounting bracket was bent so that the latter did not rub against the brake pipes of the main brake cylinder, and they eliminated the muffler rattle by the old-fashioned method - put above it, a used air filter, which, after a thousand kilometers, was half melted and fell onto the road. On a Serpukhov car, they pulled up the left wheel hub, the oil pump cover on the engine, adjusted the brakes, welded an extra hole in the trunk (see ЗР, 2000, No. 4), adjusted the outlet and repaired the rear window washer motor. So a lot of things came up even on the little things.

DRAW THE “OKU” OWN, WHILE DRAWS. “Have you already handed it out?” - the servicemen at Serpukhovskaya STO guessed. Carrying out this procedure a little earlier, we were convinced that the "running" on both machines stretches well. Including the most critical nuts: U-clamp for mounting the steering rack and fastening the lower levers of the front suspension. The VAZ power unit also sins with a bad broach - for “alien” cars, the Togliatti seem to be trying less. So, on the “KAMAZ” motor the camshaft gear bolt was not tightened, on the “Serpukhov” - the oil pump cover, due to which the engine lost about a liter of oil.

UNDERSTAND THE REEL SPARE. Just a couple of months it took two small cars to change the classic idea of ​​the car. It turns out that consumables can be not only oils or filters, but also ignition coils. For such a short time, the cars ate two (!) Coils each. This product is located on the Oka so that the ingress of water or snow on it sometimes seems to be a cunning plan of designers. The engine "Oka" while trying to work on one cylinder. The malfunction is manifested both when driving in rainy weather, and in the morning condensation. In the first case, the driver feels a "failure" and the car rapidly loses speed. In the second - she "sneezes", but does not start.

Experienced “Volgars” (the same coils are on the ZMZ-406 engine) recommend the products of Zond JSC (Mari-El Republic) and Sever Production Association (Novosibirsk).

PREFERRED THE HEADREST OF THE FLY DIE, FOR LIFE IS MORE EXPENSIVE. Passive safety for a small car is more than a relevant issue. Russian manufacturers often take care of it just as much as is necessary for certification of their products. Sometimes even less. The arguments are weighty: the price will increase, they will not buy a car. Let's try to dispel this myth.

Take the minimum set of three items - inertial belts, front seat head restraints (we didn’t have them on our cars) and a pair of rear-view mirrors. Installation of normal belts will require the plant to spend an extra 50–70 rubles per pair - such is the price difference between inertial belts and those straps that are put on cars today. The right rear-view mirror - 40-50 rubles. Finally, the head restraints. Firstly, the plant has no right to produce cars without them. Secondly, a pair of these products in stores costs about 300-400 rubles, and for a plant - even cheaper. It turns out that the total savings are slightly more than 500 rubles. And now we inform those who do not know: the Oka car in the “luxury” configuration with fabric upholstery of the seats and, by the way, the head restraints costs about 2.5-3 thousand rubles more than the minimum configuration. You can buy not only beautiful seat covers for the difference, but also a bunch of other useful little things: rubber mats, a trunk shelf, a tool kit, a tow rope, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, an emergency stop sign, and finally a couple of spare ignition coils.

FIND THE MASS. On the electric part of the Oka - a cute minx. That contact will depart, then the "mass" is not somewhere. Such little things happen with other domestic cars, but, as a rule, already at a respectable age. Their appearance on the new Oka is explained not only by the electrical wiring somehow assembled (see ЗР, 2000, No. 4), but also by the special pride of the small car - the "masses" sitting on the paint. Under the "mass" wire going to the body from the battery, we recommend that you clean the paint immediately. In other places, as problems arise.

BUY A BOOK! BOOK - SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE. Even if you’re not going to service the car yourself, it’s not out of place to outline its structure. Any machine has original technical solutions. Oka is no exception. A curious circuit protection circuit, by the way, there are no redundant fuses in the unit. The power system has its own “Okovsky” carburetor, which is not worth approaching only with knowledge of the “Zhiguli” “Ozone” or “Eight” Solex. The brake system has a pressure regulator under the hood, but there is no familiar “sorcerer” behind. Many details of the Oka are interchangeable with VAZ cars. What - it is worth knowing, this will help in the search for spare parts. In general, literature is needed.

BE AFRAID OF EXTREME PRESSURES. The designers worked hard on the layout of the engine compartment once - the components and assemblies in the engine compartment are crowded. On both machines, the spare wheel rubbed against the brake pipes on the brake master cylinder. In addition, on the KAMAZ “Oka” the air intake “pipe” of the air filter filled a dent in the expansion tank. On Serpukhovskaya - too short a hose of the vacuum corrector, wriggling in the wilds of other hoses and cables, was stretched. Obviously, he could not hold out for a long time and soon found himself torn by a carburetor fitting. And since the cliff place was safely hidden between the engine and the front panel of the body, the cause of the failures was not found immediately and managed to spoil the driver’s nerves.

DO NOT DISTURB THE CARBURETTOR WORK. Everyone who is familiar with the purpose of the carburetor is usually ready to help him in his work. If the car does not hold well “idle”, twitches during acceleration or for no reason starts to “sneeze”, the owner who is advanced in matters of operation will sin on the carburetor first and … take on a screwdriver. And here in vain. Problems are often caused by special “shackle” defects. For example, a “partial” failure of the ignition coil (see above). The spark seems to be there, but the motor does not pull. In this case, replacing the coil helps a lot.

In general, the "malacholny" motor is very sensitive to adjustments and other external circumstances. Observe the position of the winter-summer damper for ignition adjustment. Do not overload the “power plant” with the inclusion of numerous regular and non-standard consumers - the motor will clog in a fever!

And if they got into the carburetor - do not try, flashing your skill, to set the CO at the level of 0, 000 …%. Avtomobilchik generally stop driving!

SMIRT WITH THE EIGHT. The beating of the steering wheel at high speed or when braking on the Oka is a kind of norm. The reason is the warping of the brake discs or the figure-eight on wheels, typical of bicycles and motorcycles. Strange as it may seem, the first of these defects can disappear or decrease during the next heating of disks, and the struggle with the second is reduced to one - not to fall into large holes.

ODAR “OKU” WITH ITS PLEASANT PLEASURES. A car, sometimes called a “stool, ” is simply born for people who are eager to do something with the car. In addition to its own components and accessories, it is possible to adapt spare parts to it from almost all domestic cars. Starting with handles in the cabin, rugs, mirrors, head restraints and seat belts, and ending with a gasoline pump, carburetor or elements of the ignition system. Although not all improvements are appropriate or, at least, have features. For example, the pins of the “figure eight” head restraints are too long and will fit just a tall man. Fashionable dashboard with a combination of devices from the “six” roads and requires the transfer of the fuse box. Beautiful "beard" under the "dash" interferes with long legs. And a convenient boot shelf when it is installed together with plastic upholstery of the rear door requires a careful adjustment of these parts with a furrier knife. However, skillful hands are not a hindrance.

All car owners are required to present mud flaps when registering with the traffic police. The thing is, without a doubt, necessary, but the Rules of the road require the presence of mud flaps "… provided by the design …". Since the standard places for mounting the mudguards by the Oka manufacturers are not provided, the inspector is not entitled to demand this.

The Ono-Sokki professional measuring complex “corrected” the characteristics stated in the instructions (see table 2). The shortage in maximum speed for the Serpukhov and KAMAZ vehicles was 6 and 12.5 km / h, respectively, the search for acceleration dynamics was 4.5 and 6.5 seconds.