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Anatoly FOMIN

So the MAN company decided to move away from the traditional names of its heavy trucks. Since the cars of the F2000 family (1995 Truck) replaced the previous F90 series (1987 Truck) in 1994, there haven’t been so many events. The main ones are the modernization of 1998 and new engines. Since the name with the magic number 2000 already existed, a new solution had to be found for a new family.

Let me introduce: Trucknology Generation. Yes, get acquainted with the new science of “technology”, in other words, the technology of building and improving trucks. Regardless of whether you like this name or not, the new generation of MAN trucks with a gross weight of over 18 tons will carry the abbreviation TG-A (Trucknology Generation-A) on the cab doors. Well, let's get acquainted with the experience of tracologists of the Munich company MAN Nutsfarzoyge.

What is most noticeable in the new trucks? That's right, the cabin - the differences are visible here with the naked eye. As in the previous F2000 model, there are two options for it in width (2240 ​​and 2440 mm) and two in height (with one and two berths). For machines operating on a short shoulder, a compact cabin with a reduced by 400 mm length without a berth is offered. The design, of course, echoes the predecessor, but there is a larger glazing area, a larger (by 9%) internal volume, and more perfect ergonomics of the workplace. The shape of the cab emphasizes better aerodynamics than ever before. By the way, to please her, the two upper steps of the stairs are hidden behind the cab door. Among the new products is a drawer-refrigerator (it is hidden under the lower berth) and side luggage compartments: with access from the outside for tools and work clothes and with double-sided for everything else. In the largest cabin XXL, both berths are of very impressive dimensions - 2.2x0.79 m lower and 2.12x0.7 upper. So even a two-meter driver can reach his full height.

Driver comfort is undoubtedly a very important feature of the design of the new truck, but not the only thing that it surpasses its predecessor. MAN TG-A was the first tractor that can be equipped with gas discharge (xenon) headlights. The location of the air filter (left behind the cab) and its air intake is such that air is drawn in from the least dusty area, and this extends the life of the filter element. To protect against midges, the engine radiator is equipped with a special mesh that can be removed and washed in a few minutes.

The family of MAN six-cylinder engines with four valves per cylinder is well established on the F2000. According to the new toxicity requirements, they are delivered in accordance with Euro III. For countries where lower requirements still apply, cheaper Euro II engines without exhaust gas recirculation are designed.

Today MAN offers D2866 and D2876 engines with a power of 301 kW / 410 liters. with. and 338 kW / 460 liters. with., the working volume respectively 12 and 12.8 liters. The most powerful of them develops a torque of 2100 Nm in the range of 900-1, 300 rpm. Designed options

A 12-liter engine of lower power - 228 kW / 310 liters. with. and 265 kW / 360 l. pp., characterized by good adaptability to the load, but they will be available to customers only at the end of the year. All engines are equipped with a motor brake. The service interval under favorable operating conditions is 80, 000 km.

MAN main tractors are equipped with 16-speed gearboxes of the German company ZF with a direct or higher 16th gear, but using them is almost as easy as a four-speed one - you just need to select the desired row and stage of the divider. With the Comfortshift system, eight gears of the upper row can be shifted without squeezing the clutch pedal - the automation carefully adjusts the speed, thereby contributing to greater durability of the clutch discs. The 12-speed MAN-Tipmatik gearbox (!) Has fully automatic switching, which itself can maintain engine speeds in the most economical range of 1300-1500 per minute.

MAN abandoned the rear axle with planetary gearboxes. Fewer gears - less power loss. Therefore, the TG-A has a single-stage hypoid gear. The rear axle lubrication system has its own pump and filter. The oil here needs to be replaced only once every 500, 000 km. The gear ratio of the main pair can be selected in such a way as to use a gearbox with direct top gear even on machines with low profile tires and a lower height of the coupling device. This provides additional fuel savings.

Trucks of the TG-A series are literally stuffed with electronics. It monitors the wear of the clutch and brake pads, controls the pneumatic brake system of the tractor and trailer, the characteristics of the air suspension. Of course, there is an automatic speed control, capable of driving a train even more evenly than an experienced driver, avoiding unnecessary "stirring" of the fuel pedal. There are so many electronic devices in the car that to combine them into a single system, it was necessary to use not simple wires, but special buses that transmit information in digital form.