Heading materials prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKY

After Alfa Romeo declassified the station wagon based on the 156 model at the Geneva Motor Show, it became obvious that the new car claims to be much more than just carrying luggage. This is felt in everything, starting with the sonorous name “Sport Wagon” and ending with the lean, athletically assembled “body” of the new “Alpha”.

As in the case of the 156 model, the Wagon Sport rear door handles mounted in the window trims create the illusion that there are no rear doors, so at first glance it’s easy to take the car … for a compartment. The impression is further enhanced by the teardrop-shaped roof, the shape of which is absolutely uncharacteristic for most generalists - it “eats” the internal volume. A curious touch - the fifth wagon door captures part of the roof. Thanks to this solution, the trunk was made more accessible and convenient for loading.

By the way, the appearance of the new Alpha is fully consistent with its character. Among the main advantages of the “Wagon Sport” it is worth noting the excellent handling that is generally characteristic of Alfa Romeo. This is facilitated by the relatively small, given the length under 4.5 m, the mass of the car (1280 kg), the high torsional rigidity of the body and, of course, the suspension. Despite the desire of the designers to maximize the useful amount of luggage, they still managed to place the McPherson suspension with asymmetrical levers, which proved itself to be good at the one hundred and fifty-sixth, in the Sport Wagon.

Additionally, the machine can be equipped with a Nivomat hydropneumatic suspension, which provides “exemplary behavior” on the road in various situations. The system controls the rear suspension and keeps the clearance unchanged, regardless of the degree of load on the trunk.