Presentation of Nissan Patrol


To make smart with diesel engines is now fashionable.

Nissan did not stand aside,

introducing Patrol with a new

three liter diesel engine

which implemented

unique technology

M-Fire (modilated fire). The Japanese "play with fire."


Night … stuffiness, airport, Cairo, Africa! A well-fed, whiskered border guard, whose stars in uniform is enough for three of our colonel generals, does not want to let our group into the country. The meeting lady fusses, signs some pieces of paper, leads an even more stellar boss by the sleeve. “Pushers” are graciously and disdainful in passports - welcome to Egypt! Tomorrow we will be presented with the updated “Nissan Patrol GR /”> Nissan Patrol GR ". The main novelty is a three-liter diesel engine, which replaced its 2.8-liter predecessor. By the way, we would need to find out why the engine designed for a short-speed car has reduced torque But all this in the morning, and now to sleep - Moscow is probably already dawning.

Morning … warm “Cola” from the refrigerator and sweet, like molasses, local tea to the local music. Short briefing by the notable Spanish “jipper” Ramon Vila (for the next two days he and his team will be teachers and guardian angels to us in one person). Now on the way. Before lunch - two hundred kilometers with asphalt. To warm up.

Short-base “Patrol” calls for a RUSSIA sign behind the windshield. We’ll start with him. Under the hood, a diesel “rotograph” comes to life, however, at first it fails to try what it can. The host of "Terrano" barely creeps. His behavior quickly becomes clear. The first half of the way is a solid "population". And the speed limit here is a necessary thing. Donkeys, goats, tractors "Belarus" - a sheer nonsense compared to the local children who literally throw themselves under the wheels at each intersection, clearly illustrating their requirements, rubbing a finger on a finger. Not a ride, but a fuss. But there is an opportunity to understand one of the character traits of the new motor. He is lucky from the bottom and so confident that sometimes you forget to change gear. For an atmospheric diesel, this is the norm. For a supercharged motor - an undoubted advantage, which is not often found. "Extra" forty percent of torque compared with its predecessor make themselves felt.

Everything, the cramped cities (villages, villages or whatever they have there) was left behind. Leading up the pace. The “Bormotograph” comes to life and more than briskly (by diesel standards) a heavy all-terrain vehicle stokes. Dependent spring suspension is quite comfortable, and in the corners of the "Patrol" does not seem too roll.

The radio informs in a joyful voice that the Russian colleagues crushed the snake. Yeah, there she is. Well, never mind a hose! What kind of crocodiles do they have here?

Day …. heat, brackish lake shore, temporary shelter, lunch. Clouds of flies dive on your kebab. Of course, there’s nothing to eat in the desert, but here is such a feast. So they flocked to feed themselves from all around. We, too, “refuel” and, having built ourselves in a convoy, we drive off the asphalt “into the sands”.

Sands today in quotation marks. Under the wheels there is a rather dense and even surface from something pressed-petrified. The coating is rather slippery, and people are not averse to launching the Nissan sideways. It’s fun, it’s good to catch the car later on - it reacts quite adequately to steering and gas operations. And here are the ditches and the “comb”. If you yawn and tumble in there, the sensations, of course, are not pleasant. Korotkobaznyy car is trying to "scam", tossing aft. But the suspension is still doing its job. Punching it seems not so easy. The sun is setting, and where is the hotel?

Evening …. tents in the middle of the desert, a tent, pillows, hookah, belly dance, exotic! Before the planned contemplation of the moon through a telescope, we will try to illuminate some technical issues.

The engine is a three-liter inline four with turbocharging and intercooler. The combustion chamber is undivided, that is, direct injection. The highlight of the new motor is M-Fire technology. The three whales on which it rests: an adjustable (depending on the operating mode) air supply through one of the two inlet valves, an exhaust gas recirculation system and late fuel injection - after the piston passes the top dead center. So, structurally, the engine is not so simple. Achieving high performance, keeping within strict environmental and economic standards, is now impossible without technical tricks.

The company claims that the new engine combines the advantages of “direct” diesels (economy, low emission of nitrogen oxides) with the softness of operation, low noise and vibration that are inherent in pre-chamber diesels.

The reason for the decrease in maximum torque at the short wheel base was explained by the fact that the “short” transmission did not pass on the transmitted torque (apparently, it was not possible to “put” some unit or assembly into a short base). Reducing the moment should go painlessly, since a short “Patrol” is much easier.

Morning … desert, chills, hot delicious local cakes, briefing with pictures on the topic "how not to ruin a car." Today we are promised an “off road” in full.

A long-base "Patrol" with an "automatic" rushes through the desert in a caravan of their own kind. Periodically - special exercises that demonstrate off-road capabilities of the Nissan. Storming sand dunes, descending from a slope (looking down is much worse than driving), driving along potholes where necessary, to maintain wheel contact with the earth’s firmness, turn off the rear stabilizer. Instructors briefly outline driving tactics, suggest which transmission mode to choose, and go ahead. Not everyone and not everything succeeds the first time. Waiting for stuck, complicated by heat, is sometimes delayed, and … the asphalt under the wheels replaces the sand just in time.

Is something car so “lethargic"? So this "machine", the villain, adapted to riding in the desert. No, that won’t work, we’ll change the character. After a couple of tens of kilometers the box is inferior to pedagogical influences, it begins to react vigorously to gas work. That's better, let's go back, the course is on the pyramids!

Evening … heat, dust, pyramids, souvenir dealers, unimaginable police on foot and on camels. The last opportunity is to see, feel, try and comprehend something in the car.

It seems that the “Patrol”, despite its representative appearance, the abundance of chrome on the outside and leather in the cabin, does not want to run skipping behind the fashion. He remains an all-terrain vehicle, and not a “parquet” stylization for him. Powerful dependent suspension, quite simple, according to the scheme, transmission without center differential, switchable rear anti-roll bar, inter-wheel differential lock from the driver's seat - do not want to mix dirt? This gentleman is also trained in good manners: very good speed and dynamic indicators, moderate appetite, decent comfort.

But what about the new engine? Emotions are completely positive: confidently pulls in a wide range of revolutions, quite lively, non-greedy (M-Fire knows his job tightly), but, like all modern electronic-stuffed motors, is somewhat detached from the driver. To match his box, “automatic”: smart, working very softly, but quite independent. This is probably why I liked the car with a manual gearbox. Managing a “Patrol” with her is a more lively and exciting process.

And finally, information for those who have the desire and opportunity. In Russia, the Patrol will be sold with a new engine, manual or automatic gearboxes, but only long-wheelbase. Everything!

Nissan Patrol

General data: number of places - 7; curb weight - 2490 (2425) kg; gross weight - 3080 (2980) kg; maximum speed - 160 km / h; acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h - 15.4 (16.9) s; fuel consumption in conventional suburban and city cycles - 8.8 (9.0); 14.3 (13.9) l / 100 km; fuel reserve - 95 l. Sizes, mm: length - 5010; width - 1930; height - 1855; base - 2970; track front / rear - 1605/1625; ground clearance - 210 (215); trunk volume - 668 l; turning radius - 6.1 m. Engine: four-cylinder, in-line, diesel, turbocharged and intercooled; working volume - 2953 smz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 96x102 mm; compression ratio - 17.9; power - 116 kW / 158 l. with. at 3600 rpm; maximum torque - 354 N.m at 2000 rpm. Transmission: all-wheel drive, front - connectable, without center differential, rear - differential with forced locking; gearbox - five-speed manual (4-speed automatic); gear ratios: I - 4.26 (2.78); II - 2.46 (1.54); III - 1.49 (1.00); IV - 1.00 (0.69); V - 0.85; h. x - 4.00 (2.28); final drive - 4.37. Suspension: front and rear - dependent spring with anti-roll bars. Brakes: front and rear - disc with an amplifier and ABS. Steering: screw-ball nut type, with power and damper. Tire size: 265 / 70R16.