Sing it!

The heading materials were prepared by the music editor Archibald LABUCH


Let's move away from the usual topics:

let's talk not about what to listen to while driving, but what … to sing.

There are a lot of good songs for all occasions, including “automobile” ones. Imagine - a long road, the radio away from the cities died out, the recordings are tired … Sing it!

The optimism and courage of the military drivers from the Song of the Front Roads inspire respect and pride. But there is a big minus, generally characteristic of tunes with experience. Most lovers of singing know only the refrain by heart. Maybe the radio stations should broadcast this song more often - the words are good, it won’t hurt to learn.

Romance-bards, of course, are not alien to the automotive theme. Many lovers of night trips by car, admirers of the author’s song, know and often sing (if not behind the wheel - with a guitar) Yuri Vizbor’s song “Night Road”. If for you the best cure for anxiety is the night track, you must admit: in four stanzas, the author managed to expose many feelings and emotions that come to the song of tires.

Here we recall three automobile songs by Vladimir Vysotsky: “Road History”, “Alien Track”, “Horizon”. First-person narration and a sense of closeness with the car - that's what touches the soul. It’s as if you’re sitting not near the speakers, but behind the wheel of the very machine Vysotsky sings about.

The waltz of Andrei Petrov from the movie “Watch Out for the Car” is successfully used in radio and television programs, and sometimes even in songs (see below). The most popular melody, alas, in the absence of words, is not very suitable for collective reproduction. You can sing it, only the passenger is unlikely to understand what you purred now … (or even “support”: lava-anda-ah !!) It remains to be hoped that some talented poet will put on music not less talented text. If everything works out, his next creation will probably be words to the Russian anthem.

The group "Beetles" as a loss just used the above melody (do not think that the anthem - see above). But the song "Do not sleep while driving" is powerful not only with this musical quote. Some phrases can be inserted into the SDA without proofreading. Moreover, for the composition it’s good to meditate every time before leaving the garage, tuning in to a calm and safe ride.

Uncle Lesha Buldakov with the song “Be healthy and do not cough, driver”, which sounds on Autoradio almost at the frequency of advertising, cares not only about the mental but also physical condition of the driver and the iron horse. Thank you, and you do not get sick. But not everyone will like the phrase about how to press the brake pedal (only the right one). For example, car racers who sometimes prefer to use a tricky trick: press on the gas and the brake simultaneously (that is, work with the left foot).

Finally, perhaps the most popular car "Chauffeur's Song". Who has a strong voice - tries to imitate Oleg Anofriev, the rest sing along in Agutin. I want to believe that over time the song will not grow old and will not get bored, and it will also be performed with different voices and in different tones at parties, around a fire and, of course, in a car.

Of course, this does not end with the list of car driver’s songs and tunes (the author put an end to it, and the window rang out: “… Cruiser is looking sadly at the sky with wheels), so there’s still reason to talk and sing while driving. In the meantime, let me speak for silence, or rather, for noise reduction.


… In one of the cartoons of the Tom and Jerry series, a cruel mouse trapped a cat at a steamer signal and … gave a beep. Artists with their inherent brilliance depicted the effect that such a powerful sound produced on an unfortunate animal - screaming, Tom with bulging eyes and some other parts of the body flew outside the deck …

With this example, I precede the call for radio advertising specialists: take care of drivers! I explain. I’m driving along Myasnitskaya, listening to the radio. The ad unit begins (for some reason, the sound is always amplified). One movie, a second, a third and suddenly behind - a squeal of brakes! Afraid to look back, I’m gasping … and then I understand that the sound came not from the street, but from the speakers!