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We decided to check how the amendments to the Law on Consumer Protection act.


If you believe the new consumer law, the “guarantee” defects of the company service should be eliminated immediately (ЗР, 2000, No. 3). Fantasy? It also seemed unrealistic to us. Previously, repair was given 20 days, and sometimes it took more than a month to wait. Given the traditions of the Russian service, it can be assumed that now the period will be slightly reduced - say, up to two weeks. Or is it nevertheless finished with the ugliness - he arrived, immediately for repair and after a couple of hours is free?


The lawyer of ZR Sergey Volgin broke the "six" - the transmission jammed. The car is new, under warranty - just what you need. Before the experiment, they gathered advice to solve an important issue: to pull the “Zhigulenka” “on a tie” or call the service station - let them pick it up at their own expense (that is, to act strictly according to the law). “Yes, no one will come for him, only spoil our mood, while we will curse with them! It’s better to run away quickly behind a cable … ”- replicas rained down.

Having withstood the pressure of the aggressively tuned part of the council, the author picked up the phone and dialed the service number: “Hello, STO? Send a tow truck to such an address … ”-“ By the end of the day he’ll arrive, prepare 800 rubles, ”the wires were not surprised at that end. “But you should be free?” - “Don't worry, the money will be returned to you … after”, the female voice added mysteriously. We did not want to wait in the afternoon and spend money from our own pockets. Let them work according to the rules: repair - right now and all services are strictly free. You could, of course, call the service station again and say: “We are from the magazine“ Behind the Wheel ”…”. But then the action would not be of any use to readers.


It remained to hold out the "six" on the cable themselves. At the gates of the “guarantee” they took 60 rubles from us - “for washing” (by the way, an imposed service, a gross violation of consumer law). They did not argue; don’t think that for us 60 rubles is not money - otherwise they wouldn’t have let them enter the territory of the service station. But for the sake of ideals of justice, none of us wanted to cook outside the gate.

At the box office, a formidable announcement warned customers that it was impossible to set an alarm or radio on someone else's service - you would lose the guarantee (again, illegally). And finally, we are in the holy of holies - the repair zone. The guarantee engineer turned out to be an extremely polite and courteous person: "The master will look and immediately to me, we will decide everything." They looked for the master: “I'm going to dinner, stop by in an hour, ” he threw on the go. Here are those on … They persuaded us to take the keys to the car and left home.

Three hours later, we call to inquire. He answers: “The box needs to be changed.” - "Well. Do you do today? ”-“ No. Let's see if there is more in stock - call tomorrow. ” Twenty five again! It is clear that the “guarantee” has its own interest in this delay - the poor owner will get tired of waiting and pay out of pocket.

We call the next day: "Is there a box?" - "Not. We will order in Tolyatti. Wait. " Patience ended - they made a pre-trial complaint demanding to eliminate the defect without delay, they took him to the reception of the service station director, left their coordinates and, tired, returned to the editorial office. This whole story is already tired of the order. Moreover, the "six" was necessary for the owner in a "living" state - he simply could not work normally without the "wheels". The next gathering decided: we wait another day (to clear our conscience) - and we pick up the car. And so it happened. A day later, they rolled out the “six” from the gates of the service station and repaired it on their own (it turned out that it was not necessary to put in a new box at all - just change the lever).


“I told you, nothing will come of it, ” our mechanic lamented. What is provided by law, we really have not achieved. A week passed - the Six regularly ran, everyone forgot to think about the experiment. And suddenly a surprise - a telegram: "Please arrive replacement gearbox warranty." Signature - the general director of STO "Severyanin AvtoVAZ" such and such … "

Well, we did not achieve immediate repair (no one really hoped for this). However, seven days is already good, progress! Let us have to compose a claim (and what to do if “they” do not understand in a different way). It is important that the law, although with banknotes, is valid. And will we teach servicemen nationwide to be afraid to break it? I am sure this is in our hands.