A new book from Driving will help both recruits and veterans of the army of motorists.


For most newcomers who first got behind the wheel, mysterious objects located under the hood, the intricacies of multi-colored wires, the sophisticated “physics” of pendants are an unfamiliar, and therefore frightening world. From the terms with which the experienced are explained - silent block, distributor, injector, stabilizer - the head of an uninitiated motorist goes around. But for those who are not going to learn the skills of an auto mechanic, sometimes they have to independently solve technical problems. They will seem not tricky at all, if you master the main thing. It is often not necessary for a beginner to delve into the intricacies of the design, it is much more important to know the principles of operation of the basic systems of the machine.

To help beginners - a new book from "Behind the wheel": "Your car." The manual is translated from English. By the way, if in a civilized Britain the publication received recognition from readers, in Russia, where it’s not so much as a car service, sometimes a phone that works normally is tens of kilometers away, we hope the popularity of the book will be no less.

The book "Your Car" is useful not only for beginners. Indeed, even many of those who have studied the “Zhiguli” classics by heart are only superficially familiar with the features of new, such as injection machines. The publication clearly and clearly describes the device of modern cars, the simplest methods for diagnosing aggregates and systems.

In addition to technical issues, “Your Car” provides useful tips on buying and insuring a car, and behavior in difficult road conditions.

Buying a car is always a joyous event. The assimilation of the car basics set forth in the new “Zarulevsky” book will help not overshadow it.

The book can be purchased

in the shops of the Trading House “Behind the Wheel”

in Moscow:

st. Bakuninskaya, 72.

Tel (095) 267-64-93 (m. "Baumanskaya");

st. Dolgorukovskaya, 36. Tel. (095) 973-14-00

(metro station "Novoslobodskaya", down the street to the center);