New items

The materials of the section were prepared by Denis BOROVITSKY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV, Sergey MISHIN


For about $ 30 in Russia you can buy the summer tire “Effect” of the Slovenian company “Sava”.

This tire replaced the Exact model (translated from English - accurate, neat), which has been produced for ten years. The main objective was to increase mileage (by the way, for the Russian consumer - the most significant factor when buying tires). But at the same time, the tire should remain affordable. Therefore, every penny was saved on its creation - the grip did not change much, only braking on wet surfaces was only slightly improved.

However, the “Effect” is by no means a modernization of the outgoing “Exact”. The new model is the first after the year before last “wedding” of the little-known “Sava”, which has transformed from Yugoslav to Slovenian, and the famous “Goodyear”. The tread pattern and composition of the mixture was developed by Slovenian specialists, and the design incorporates the experience of the tire giant.

The tire pattern is non-directional, which is more convenient to use (you don’t have to rack your brains on how to assemble a spare tire for the right or left side), but nevertheless it resists aquaplaning quite well. The key to this is large circumferential and transverse drainage grooves. The size of the checkers is floating, which eliminates the resonance of the tread and reduces tire noise.

A new tire is being produced at a modern factory in the Slovenian city of Kran. Apparently, they are doing quite well - the production process received an international certificate of compliance with ISO 9001 back in 1994. And today the Kranitsky plant is one of the most efficient at Goodyear.

During the presentation of the new product to the dealers of Goodyear (and among them today, except for Sava, Fulda, Debitsa and Danlop), the author was able to test the product on a short stretch of road and a small concrete platform. Even in these very limited conditions, it was possible to find out that the tire is rolling well, braking well, squeaking in corners, as if warning: do not get carried away! And most importantly - with an excessively fast entry into a bend, for example, Skoda-Felicia does not even have a hint of a skid of the rear axle, which usually confuses the private trader of the middle hand. The “effect” makes the car slide outward, straightening the trajectory, and this happens smoothly and predictably, without surprises.